Two new pineapple varieties from South Asia Institute of Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences passed expert identification
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On July 23, the office of Guangdong crop variety Approval Committee organized experts to conduct on-site identification of pineapple varieties”renong 17″ and”renong 56″ newly bred by the South Subtropical Crop Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences (hereinafter referred to as”the South Asian Institute”) in Zhanjiang.
The expert group is composed of senior experts in fruit tree breeding, such as Professor Huang Jianchang (group leader) of Zhongkai College of agricultural engineering, Professor He Yehua of South China Agricultural University, Professor Ye Chunhai of Guangdong Ocean University, researcher Zhong Sheng of Maoming Fruit Science Research Institute, and researcher Liu Chuanhe of fruit tree research Institute of Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The experts visited the pineapple planting site in Zhanjiang District of the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, listened to the variety breeding report, reviewed the relevant variety data, and agreed to pass the on-site identification of”renang No. 17″ and”renang No. 56″ pineapple new varieties after on-site inquiry, defense and full exchange and discussion.
For a long time, the pineapple research team of South Asia Institute has actively carried out pineapple breeding technology, made full use of the collected and preserved pineapple germplasm resources, and carried out targeted innovation. This time, the two new pineapple varieties have strong growth potential, shallow fruit eyes, good yield and good quality. They are suitable for planting in pineapple producing areas in Guangdong Province, and have broad prospects for promotion.