Two group standards of the tea Institute of Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences passed the review
By: Date: 2022-07-22 Categories: Uncategorized
On July 20, Hunan Tea Association organized experts from Hunan Agricultural University, Hunan Tea Research Institute, Hunan Tea Industry Group Co., Ltd. and other units to hold an expert review meeting, Two group standards, the”Hunan tea specific germplasm resources evaluation specification” drafted by researcher Liu Zhen of the tea Institute of Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the”technical specification for safe production of tea in cadmium polluted farmland” drafted by associate researcher Liu Shujuan, were reviewed.
The expert group listened to the preparation instructions of the two standards, carefully reviewed and discussed the draft, put forward modification opinions on the contents of various parts of the standards and relevant technical parameters, and agreed that the two standards complied with the provisions of relevant national laws and regulations and mandatory standards, with reasonable structure, clear levels, and strong practicability and operability. The implementation of the above standards will have important guiding significance for standardizing the collection, preservation and utilization of local tea germplasm resources in our province and promoting the healthy development of the tea industry. It is agreed to pass the review.