Toxic heavy metals in many foods in the United States exceed the standard, and baby food is the most seriously polluted
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According to UPI, FDA found that 15%of food samples contained lead, 43%arsenic and 61%cadmium. FDA also found that 51%of the 384 baby food samples collected could detect metallic arsenic. Foods with the highest arsenic content include baby cereal, long tooth biscuits and puffed snacks. In addition, in the baby food tested, 65%of the samples contained cadmium, 21%of the samples contained lead, and 3%of the samples contained mercury.
Charlotte Brody, the head of the U.S. non-profit organization”healthy baby bright future”, said that the level of pollutants in baby food is worrying.”Among all the foods tested, baby food is one of the foods with the most serious inorganic arsenic pollution and one of the foods with the most serious lead pollution in all foods. No food should contain lead, arsenic or cadmium. This is very disturbing.”
NBC reported that the FDA issued a document on its official website saying that hundreds of people in the United States have reported illness after eating lentil products from daily harvest, a fast-food company, and nearly 100 people have been hospitalized. The specific cause of illness is unclear.
The food and Drug Administration said that as of the 14th, the agency had received hundreds of related complaints. After eating daily harvest’s frozen food”French lentils and chopped leeks”, 277 people developed gastrointestinal diseases, liver dysfunction and other conditions, and 96 people were hospitalized. The last time someone reported illness was on July 9.
This week, the family member of a 4-month-old baby filed a lawsuit in the New York State High Court, claiming that the baby’s mother and child were ill after eating daily harvest’s”French lentils and chopped leeks”. According to the lawsuit, at the end of May this year (2022), the mother who was still lactating ate this lentil product, and then she suffered from vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms. In June, the mother took the product again, and then she and her child were hospitalized due to seasonal abdominal pain and gastrointestinal discomfort.
After a consumer reported illness, daily harvest voluntarily recalled the”French lentils and chopped leeks” involved in June. The company said recently that it had begun a comprehensive test to eliminate potential causes and find out the answers to the problems.