Tongwei County Market Supervision Bureau of Gansu Province fully carried out the special inspection of cold chain food epidemic prevention and control
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In order to comprehensively investigate the risk of epidemic prevention and control, strengthen the key links of prevention and control in time, and block the risk of epidemic transmission through imported cold chain food to the greatest extent. Recently, the market supervision bureau of Tongwei County, Gansu Province focused on the special inspection of cold chain food epidemic prevention and control.
During the inspection, the warehouse of the cold chain food business unit under the jurisdiction was checked through careful deployment and rapid action. Strictly investigate the implementation of the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control of business households, and the implementation of epidemic prevention measures such as employees wearing masks, disinfection and ventilation of places, one sweep and three checks of customers entering the store,”one meter line” setting, nucleic acid and antigen detection on time every day. Strict supervision and control were carried out from the aspects of obtaining certificates and tickets, incoming inspection, traceability information of cold chain food, health management of employees, implementation of the requirements of”three specialties, three certificates and four noes” of cold chain food and reporting 24 hours in advance. After investigation, there is no import of frozen cold chain food in the county at present.
Up to now, 11 supermarkets, 1 farmers’ market, 36 large and medium-sized restaurants, 291 cold chain food operators, and 44 self built cold warehouses have been inspected. Responsibility interviews have been made with 2 cold chain food market players who purchase and transport cold chain food from Lanzhou, and 416 cold chain food practitioners have been urged to implement nucleic acid testing every day. At the same time, the county CDC was contacted to conduct nucleic acid testing on the environment, food and packaging of cold chain food business and sales units such as farmers’ markets, supermarkets, large and medium-sized catering, and a total of 205 batches were tested.
In the next step, our bureau will continue to strengthen the investigation and supervision, pay close attention to the import and export cold chain food epidemic input risk, strictly adhere to the import and export cold chain food epidemic prevention and control defense line, and build a strong epidemic prevention and control safety defense line in the market supervision field of the whole county.