Tongling market supervision and Administration Bureau further promoted and deepened the special action of”keeping the bottom line, checking hidden dangers and ensuring safety” in food production safety
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In accordance with the relevant requirements of the State Administration of market supervision and the provincial market supervision bureau, Tongling market supervision and Administration Bureau carried out a special action of”observing the bottom line, investigating hidden dangers and ensuring safety” in food production safety.
In order to effectively solve the prominent problems of food safety in the production process, the municipal market supervision bureau comprehensively and thoroughly investigated the hidden dangers of food safety through daily supervision and inspection, sampling inspection and monitoring,”double random” inspection. Focus on key enterprises with high market share and wide sales coverage in the field of food production, and key varieties with large consumption, such as food processing products, meat products, Baijiu, edible vegetable oil, barreled drinking water, etc. Check the potential risks in incoming inspection, production process control, employee management, label identification and other aspects to ensure food production safety.
As of July 26, a total of 330 food production enterprises and small workshops have been inspected, with an inspection coverage rate of 68.3%, and 35 risk problems have been found. Mainly including personnel management is not strict, process control is not standardized, documents and records are incomplete, food additives management is not in place and other aspects.
For the risks and hidden dangers found, supervisors timely sort out the causes of hidden dangers, carry out analysis and judgment, establish risk disposal measures, and require enterprises with risk problems to rectify one by one. So far, 32 rectifications have been completed, with a rectification rate of 91.4%.
In the next step, the municipal market supervision bureau will continue to further promote special actions, do a good job in the investigation of risks and hidden dangers in food production, conduct supervision and inspection in combination with daily supervision and inspection,”double random” inspection, special rectification of key areas of key products and other methods, severely crack down on illegal and criminal acts, ensure that hidden dangers are found in time, problems are rectified thoroughly, and build a strong food safety defense line in the city.