Today’s Guide:two new labels will be added to the packaging of alcohol products; The”1.5 bag” trademark of jinmailang was found invalid; A total of 353 batches of food were not allowed to enter the country in June 2022 (July 22, 2022)
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  In June 2022, 353 batches of food were not allowed to enter the country
On July 22, the General Administration of Customs released the national information on food not allowed to enter the country in June 2022. In June 2022, the national customs detected 353 batches of unqualified food not allowed to enter the country, such as safety and health projects, in the port supervision link. The main reasons why these foods are not allowed to enter the country are that they are not allowed to enter the country through inspection and quarantine, unqualified labels, inconsistent cargo certificates, problems in the use of food additives, excessive volatile base nitrogen, detection of animal epidemics, failure to provide certificates or certification materials as required, independent recall, and containing ingredients of animal origin that have not been allowed through inspection and quarantine, etc. (related reports:In June 2022, 353 batches of food were not allowed to enter the country,来自越南的不合格食品数量最多
  Two new labels will be added to the packaging of alcohol products
He Yong, Secretary General of the China alcohol industry association, revealed at the launch of the theme of the 2022″national rational drinking Publicity Week” that the terms”no drunk driving” and”no alcohol sales to minors” will be marked on alcohol products this year.
  Jinmailang”1.5 bag” trademark is invalid
On July 20, the administrative judgment of the second instance of jinmailang Food Co., Ltd. and the State Intellectual Property Office was made public. After the trademark of jinmailang Food Co., Ltd. No. 17796725″one and a half bags” was invalid in the first instance, it was still invalid in the second instance by the Beijing Higher People’s court. The judgment of the second instance said that the trademark in dispute was”one and a half bags”, which was approved to be used on”instant noodles” and other goods. Based on general cognition, the relevant public would understand”one and a half bags” as a direct description of the weight of the goods, and would not usually recognize it as a trademark, which could not play the role of distinguishing the source of the goods. Therefore, the approved use of the trademark in dispute on”instant noodles” and other goods lacks the due distinctive features and is not registrable.
  Lujiao Lane sued the beverage company for infringement and won a compensation of 500000 yuan
Shanghai Luyin Catering Management Co., Ltd., lujiaoxiang beverage Shijiazhuang Co., Ltd., Jiangsu pengchengtang Dairy Co., Ltd. and other disputes over infringement of trademark rights were made public. According to the document, Shanghai Luyin Catering Management Co., Ltd. claimed that the two defendants had invested in the”lujiaoxiang liquid milk tea” and”lujiaoxiang pearl Bobo sweet milk” produced and sold by them through online and offline channels such as local fairs, Tiktok, and major investment promotion networks, and used a large number of enterprise names including lujiaoxiang and liquid milk tea products containing similar infringement marks in the publicity, Constitute trademark infringement and unfair competition. After hearing, the court ruled that the lujiaoxiang Shijiazhuang company stopped producing and selling goods that infringed the exclusive right to use the registered trademark of Shanghai Luyin Catering Management Co., Ltd. and compensated the company for its economic losses totaling 500000 yuan.
  Huifa food continues to develop channels of the prefabricated vegetable industry chain
On the evening of July 21, Huifa food announced that according to the company’s development strategy and business development needs, it will continue to expand the company’s Prefabricated vegetable industry chain channels, further promote and optimize the company’s business layout, consolidate and enhance the company’s position and competitiveness in the prefabricated vegetable industry, and the company plans to set up wholly-owned subsidiaries in cities in Shandong Province. The name of the company is great power Weidao (Shandong) supply chain Technology Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 150million yuan, and 100%of the shares are held by Huifa food.
 Coca Cola appoints new president
Coca Cola announced that John Murphy will become president and CFO from October 1. Brian Smith, the current president and coo, will retire, but he will continue to serve as a senior manager at Coca Cola until February 2023.
  Yuanqi forest will promote 0 preservative Cola flavored drinks
Yuanqi forest confirmed that it is indeed developing new coke flavor products without preservatives. The relevant person in charge said that the product will be free of preservatives such as sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate through the latest process, and erythritol will be used to replace the artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and acesulfame in the common sugar free Cola formula on the market.
  Yili”must be happy” will open 10 new offline stores
On July 18, Yili’s ice cream brand must do joy announced that it would open 10 ice cream & The Chinese tea stores are:Expo source store, Sanlin xindahui store, Sam’s Club Gaoke West Road store, Wenfeng Square store, Shangkun City Square store, Xuhui riyueguang store, fengshengli store, Baolong Xuhui store, Hongkou longzhimeng store, Baoshan Longhu store.
 Thailand launches odorless Durian
Recently, Thailand launched a kind of durian without odor. This kind of durian is produced in the northeast of Nakhon rath province and belongs to a variety of durian with golden pillow. It has been certified by the geographical indication (GI) product of the Thai government.