Today’s Guide:the manufacturer of unqualified Pudding Ice cream was fined 6700 yuan; Three squirrels responded”the deoxidizer of the product was damaged”; Hot search on”711 stores with unclear price and profit exceeding 4000″ (July 26, 2022)
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  The manufacturer of unqualified Pudding Ice cream was fined 6700 yuan

Recently, the size of Pudding Ice cream was notified by the State Administration of market supervision because it failed to pass the sampling inspection. Recently, the punishment results of two production enterprises involved were announced. Yiwu lejiu Frozen Food Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of Pudding Ice cream, was fined 6000 yuan by Yiwu market supervision and Administration Bureau, and the illegal income of 438.6 yuan was confiscated. Dongguan Xinkai Frozen Food Co., Ltd., a small pudding cream flavored ice cream manufacturer, was fined 700 yuan by Dongguan market supervision and Administration Bureau, and 2667.6 yuan of illegal income was confiscated.
 Three squirrels responded”product deoxidizer is damaged”
On July 25, in response to the incident of”three squirrels’ deoxidizer leaking and causing pregnant women to eat by mistake”, three squirrels sent a message on their official Weibo, saying that according to the pictures in the video, the damage of the deoxidizer was caused by the optical eye deviation during the delivery process. The company subsequently linked with the supplier to adjust the version and reconfirm the position of the photoelectric eye in the design. In addition, the three squirrels also said that as of 15:00 on July 25, the company had been trying to contact consumers and had not yet contacted them. The company is very concerned about the health of consumers, and is willing to actively cooperate with the families of consumers to do health checks, and bear all costs and related responsibilities.
 The store manager responded that Wallace hamburger had raw meat
On July 26,”the store manager responded to Wallace hamburger eating raw meat” on Weibo. On July 22, Mr. Wang in Shijiazhuang bought two hamburgers for his child at the Wallace Tianshan Science Park store. After returning home, he found that almost all the chicken in the hamburger was raw, but the child had eaten half of it at that time. Mr. Wang said that it was not important whether to refund or not. He only worried about the child’s health. The store manager of the involved store responded that it may be due to the negligence of the new employee, which was not intentional, and the hamburger fee has been refunded.
 Hot search on”711 stores with unclear price and profit exceeding 4000″
On July 26, the topic of”711 stores’ unclear price and profit of more than 4000″ was posted on Weibo hot search. According to the administrative punishment information released by the Beijing municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau, the linheli store in Tongzhou District of 711 (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was fined 800 yuan and confiscated 4140.3 yuan of illegal income by the Beijing Tongzhou District market supervision and Administration Bureau for violating the clearly marked price regulations.
  Zhengbang technology responded to the rumor that”broken materials lead to pigs eating pigs”
Earlier, media reports said that Zhengbang technology’s surrogate farmers in Nanning, Guangxi, Jiangyou, Sichuan, Ganzhou, Jiangxi, Xiangtan, Hunan and other places had varying degrees of material failure, and that the pigs raised by surrogate farmers had the phenomenon of”pigs eating pigs” under the condition of extreme hunger. On July 25, Zhengbang technology released a situation statement, saying that this material cut-off was mainly affected by the downturn in pig prices in June and epidemic factors, and the company’s funds were relatively tight. As of the beginning of July, due to the coordination between logistics distribution and feed plants, occasional material cut-off occurred in a small number of regions. This small-scale material cut-off will not affect the company’s normal production and business activities, and has been solved through resource coordination so far. In addition, the company reserves the right to hold the fabricators and disseminators legally responsible for the false information about the company that appears on the network.
 Lijunlong, deputy general manager of Guangming dairy resigned
On July 25, Guangming dairy announced that the board of directors of Guangming dairy received the resignation report of Li Junlong, the deputy general manager of the company. Li Junlong applied to resign as the deputy general manager of the company due to job transfer. On the 26th, Guangming dairy announced that the company appointed Mr. lixiukun as the deputy general manager of the company, and the term of office was the same as that of the current management.
 Snow Beer Shantou company listed for transfer
Recently, China Resources Snow Beer (China) Investment Co., Ltd. listed and transferred 100%of the equity of snow beer (Shantou) Co., Ltd. and the creditor’s rights of the target enterprise of RMB 10.80456428 million, with a transfer base price of about 260.44 million yuan.
 Kiss foodestimatehalf a yearcomprehensiveNet profitNo more than 5million yuan
  7月22日,亲亲食品发布2022年half a year度业绩预告,上half a year亲亲食品预期收入或较2021年同期增长约2600万元,增幅为5%,comprehensiveNet profitestimateNo more than 5million yuan。
 Cargill joint venture acquires the third largest poultry company in the United States
According to foreign media reports, Cargill and CoThe two companies of tinental grain announced that the acquisition of Sanderson farms, the third largest poultry company in the United States, has been completed, and the merged company is Wayne Sanderson farm. It is reported that the headquarters of the joint venture will be located in Oakwood, Georgia.
  2022年上half a year,欧洲31个国家通过 RASFF通报了2267批产品,较2021年上half a year的2160起通报增长了4.95%,呈显增长趋势,说明欧洲各国对食品、饲料和食品接触材料的监管变的更为严格。其中,上half a yearRASFF对中国产品发布了165起通报,占总通报量的7.28%,与2021年上half a year的121起相比增长了36.36%。RASFF通报中国产品数量、通报增长占比明显提升。