Today’s Guide:the Internet revealed that the leakage of deoxidizer in three squirrels caused pregnant women to eat by mistake; Four people were sentenced for deliberately buying expired food and extorting merchants; Beijing’s first post office coffee officially opened (July 25, 2022)
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  fourPeople who deliberately buy expired food and extort merchants were sentenced
  Internet exposure of three squirrels’ deoxidizer leakage causing pregnant women to eat by mistake
On July 25, a netizen revealed that his pregnant wife found that the deoxidizer in the food bag leaked after eating half a bag of three squirrel nuts. In the video, the netizen disassembled a total of 3 packets of nuts, all of which had different degrees of deoxidizer leakage. The official customer service staff of the three squirrels responded that eating food with deoxidizers by mistake is not harmful to the body. Drinking more water can be excreted with the body, but the constitution of pregnant women is relatively special, so observe more and see a doctor in time if there are problems. In this case, customer service will give feedback.
 Jiangsu takeout boy can be a food safety supervisor
Recently, the market supervision departments in many places in Jiangsu have launched new measures to let the takeaway brother concurrently act as a food safety supervisor. If the takeout brother finds food safety problems during the delivery process, he can take photos on site and upload the small program of food safety volunteers. The market supervision bureau may deal with it in a timely manner, and he will also be rewarded.
  Youran animal husbandry appoints a new president
On July 22, Youran animal husbandry announced that Zhang Xiaodong resigned as the executive director of the company from July 22, 2022 due to the needs of other work affairs, and will no longer serve as the president of the company. Yuan Jun will take over as the executive director and President of the company.
 Taocai promotes free door-to-door delivery
On July 21, taocai promoted the free door-to-door delivery function to all”heads” of the platform.”Head” can open free door-to-door delivery service, and its group points will be marked with the explicit logo of”door-to-door delivery”. According to the logo, consumers can choose the group point with the lowest initial delivery amount and closest to them to place an order and receive the goods the next day.
 Beijing’s first post office coffee officially opened
  7 月 2four 日,北京首家邮局咖啡在望京小街正式营业,这是继厦门、泉州、南京后,邮局咖啡进入的第四个城市。北京这家邮局咖啡主要售卖咖啡、茶饮和点心等,价格在12-30 元不等。
 More than 20000 cups of Maotai ice cream are sold online in Beijing and Shanghai
  7月2four日,小茅i茅台官微发布消息称,茅台冰淇淋自7月23日9时在i茅台平台开售至2four日下午6时,京沪线上销售茅台冰淇淋超2万杯,销售额超130万元。此外,7月23日当天,茅台冰淇淋在茅台、贵阳、南京、西安、杭州、深圳、广州、武汉、长沙九省市线上、线下共计销售超four.four万杯,销售额超 277万。
According to the official website of the European Union, in the 29th week of 2022, the European Union food and feed rapid warning system (RASFF) reported 10 cases of Chinese food and related products, involving food supplements, organic pea protein, organic pressed soybean cake, melamine products, reusable ice cubes, melamine plastic plates, etc. Food partner network reminds export enterprises to export products in strict accordance with the requirements of importing countries, pay attention to the existence of various pathogenic bacteria in products, whether the content of heavy metals in products exceeds the standard, pay attention to the migration of substances in food contact materials, check the pesticide residues in products, ensure the safety of food and related products, and avoid export risks.
On July 20, the Ministry of health, labor and welfare of Japan updated the violation of the Japanese food hygiene law on food exported to Japan, and reported that many batches of food and related products were unqualified, involving fresh onion, fresh litchi, frozen fish processed food, peanuts, fresh bananas, refined rice, etc. The unqualified content involved pesticide residues, the use of food additives, etc.