Today’s Guide:”consumers claim that they eat toenails from Wujiang pickled mustard” is a hot search; Is meituan hungry and interviewed; Daily Youxian responded to the dissolution of the company (July 29, 2022)
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  The State Administration of market supervision publicly solicited suggestions on the food safety sampling plan of the market supervision department in 2023
In order to adhere to the problem orientation and”open door sampling inspection”, the State Administration of market supervision publicly solicited opinions and suggestions on the formulation of the 2023 food safety sampling inspection plan of market supervision departments. You can fill in the 2023 food safety sampling plan variety and project proposal form of the market supervision department, and feed back to the food sampling Department of the State Administration of market supervision by email before 17:00 on August 31, 2022. (related reports:Announcement of the State Administration of market supervision on the public solicitation of suggestions for the 2023 food safety sampling plan of market supervision departments 

“Consumers claim that toe nails come out of Wujiang pickled mustard” is a hot search

Today, the topic of”consumers claim that toe nails are eaten out of Wujiang pickled mustard” was posted on Weibo. It is reported that a package of Wujiang pickled mustard bought by a consumer in a convenience store in Shanghai ate a foreign body, which is suspected to be a piece of toenail. In this regard, Wujiang mustard told the media that what the consumer ate was not the toenails, but the stems of mustard, and he was willing to send some mustard as compensation.
  Is meituan hungry? Was he interviewed
On July 21, Hangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau interviewed the takeaway delivery platforms of meituan, hungry, etc. in the city, requiring the relevant platforms to implement the responsibility of food safety management, and forbid catering businesses from vicious competition at low prices, and put forward three requirements.
  Henan Province has made it clear that the imported cold chain food that meets the conditions will be directly available for sale after Yufu code
Recently, Henan Province released the work plan for the normalization and prevention and control of COVID-19 in Henan Province (version 3.0), which made it clear that imported cold chain food that has obtained the certificate of centralized supervision warehouse out of the warehouse outside the province can enter the market directly after being reported and assigned a code in the”Henan cold chain” system.
 Honey snow ice city was exposed to drink flies
On July 28, a customer in Guangdong said that he drank a fly from the drink of Michelle ice city. In this regard, the staff of Michelle ice city said that a fly flew in when it was just sealed. There were many mosquitoes in summer, so they didn’t see it clearly, and they had negotiated with the customer.
 Wusu Beer v. Wusu Bing won a compensation of 150000 yuan in the first instance
On July 24, the first instance judgment of the case of trademark infringement dispute between Xinjiang Wusu Beer Co., Ltd. and Wusu ice pure Wine Co., Ltd., Shanxi Jinxing Beer Co., Ltd. was made public. The judgment showed that although the logo used in the packaging of Wusu Bing pure beer produced and sold by the defendant was partially different from the plaintiff’s trademark, it could not avoid confusion and misunderstanding of relevant consumers, and Wusu Bing pure company constituted trademark infringement. Finally, the court sentenced the two defendants to immediately stop producing and selling infringing products and compensate Xinjiang Wusu Beer Co., Ltd. for 150000 yuan.
 Daily Youxian responded to the dissolution of the company
It is reported that the daily Youxian financing failed to deliver successfully, and the company was dissolved. In response, the staff of Youxian daily responded that the company adjusted its business and organization under the general goal of achieving profitability. Next day, smart restaurant, retail cloud and other businesses will not be affected. Due to the business adjustment and the resignation of some employees, the company is actively seeking all possible solutions to maximize the protection of employees’ rights and interests.
  Prerequisites for Yashili’s privatization plan have not been reached
On the 27th, Yashili international and Mengniu Dairy issued a joint announcement that the proposal of Yashili privatization and the implementation of the privatization proposal and plan will be implemented only after the preconditions of the plan are reached before the final deadline of the preconditions. As of the date of the announcement, no preconditions of the plan have been reached.
 Chayan Yuese establishes a new beverage company in Nanjing
On July 26, Nanjing Songluo Beverage Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 5million yuan, and its business scope includes catering services; Food Internet sales; Food sales; Alcohol business, etc. Shareholder information shows that the company is wholly owned by Hunan chayue Cultural Industry Development Group Co., Ltd.
 Russian media:makhav Heinz sells baby food business in Russia
According to foreign media, kraft Heinz of the United States sold its baby food business in Russia, including two factories with an annual output of 30000 tons of goods and local brands, with a value of about 3billion rubles. (related reports:Russian media:makhav Heinz sells baby food business in Russia
Recently, the US FDA website updated the import warning measures (IMport aLert), in which the biscuits of an enterprise in China were automatically detained. The food partner network reminded export enterprises to carry out food production and processing in strict accordance with the requirements, ensure the compliance and safety of food, and avoid the risk of detention of export products.