Tips on food safety risks in high temperature weather in summer
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  Please note to catering service providers:
  Strictly control raw materials
Strictly implement the system of obtaining certificates and tickets for the purchase of food raw materials and incoming inspection to ensure that the source of food raw materials is safe and reliable. Store food in strict accordance with the storage conditions indicated on the food label.
 Strictly control the health of employees
Do a good job in the health management of employees, and carry out morning examinations every day. If you find fever, respiratory tract infection, skin diseases and other diseases that hinder food safety, you must immediately transfer from your post. Employees should maintain good personal hygiene.
  Strictly control the food processing environment
The places for food processing and storage shall be kept clean and hygienic. Improve the three prevention facilities and do a good job in the prevention and control of pests. Ensure the normal operation of refrigeration (freezing) and other facilities and equipment.
  Strictly control food processing and production
Raw, cooked, meat and vegetarian foods should be stored separately to prevent cross contamination. Strictly control the processing temperature and time of food to ensure that the food is completely cooked. It is strictly forbidden to operate beyond the scope and receive beyond the capacity. Tableware should be cleaned, disinfected and cleaned in time after use.
 Please pay attention to:
  When dining out
You should choose a business with a valid”food business license” and a clean and tidy environment to eat, and do not go to the business without a license to eat.
  When ordering meals online
Pay attention to check whether the license information of the business is within the validity period, and give priority to the nearest business. Meals should not exceed 2 hours at room temperature from processing to eating. Do not buy raw and cold high-risk meals online.
 We should improve our awareness of safeguarding rights
Pay attention to the retention of consumption vouchers. Once you find food safety problems in the process of catering consumption, please call 12315 in time. You can also complain and report through 12315 wechat official account, applet, mobile app or
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