There are 5 items in the food field of the proposed projects of the technical standards of the”scientific and technological innovation action plan” of Shanghai in 2022
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  Food partner online news  上海市科学技术委员会公示了上海市20twenty-two年度“科技创新行动计划”技术标准拟立项项目,其中,食品领域有5项。

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The publicity period is from July 21, 20twenty-two to July 27, 20twenty-two.

List of projects to be approved for the technical standards of the 20twenty-two”scientific and technological innovation action plan” in Shanghai in the food sector
Serial number entry name Undertaking unit person in charge
twenty-two Research on key technical standards for accurate identification of real attributes of import and export characteristic high-value milk and dairy products Shanghai Customs animal, plant and food inspection and Quarantine Technology Center Gu Shuqing
twenty-four Research on fertilizer classification and development of national standard for food security Shanghai Institute of chemical industry testing Co., Ltd Wangsiyi
thirty-two Study on technical standards for rapid detection of foodborne pathogens — combined use of”immunoenrichment” and”immunochromatographic strip” Shanghai University of Technology Liu Qing
forty-four Study on the key technical standards for the whole mechanized production of lettuce Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences Zhang
fifty-three Study on rapid detection method of adulteration of characteristic milk by MALDI-TOF-MS Shanghai Academy of traditional Chinese Medicine Su Yue
(source:Shanghai Municipal Commission of science and Technology)


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