The video scheduling meeting for the special action of”keeping the bottom line, checking hidden dangers and ensuring safety” of food safety of Tai’an market supervision system was held
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On the afternoon of July 21, Tai’an municipal market supervision bureau organized a video scheduling meeting for the special action of”keeping the bottom line, checking hidden dangers and ensuring safety” of the city’s system food safety. Zhuxiaodong, member of the party leading group and deputy director of the Municipal Bureau, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Chang Fusheng, a deputy county-level cadre, briefed on the progress and existing problems of the”inspection and protection” action.
The meeting summarized the progress of the special action in the early stage, focused on the analysis of the hidden dangers and problems found in sampling monitoring, complaint reporting, public opinion monitoring, law enforcement and case handling, supervision and inspection, put forward the opinions on rectification and implementation, and put forward specific requirements for the key work of food safety in the next step.
The meeting stressed that the”inspection and protection” action is an overall and systematic food safety main line work, which should be fully implemented, and the problems and deficiencies existing in the work should be rectified and implemented immediately. First, implement the working mechanism, carry out risk consultation every two weeks, study and judge potential risks, put forward targeted measures, and make rectification feedback. Second, we should pay close attention to the three checks, focus on the problems, and carry out self check, department check and key check. Establish rectification work account and implement cancellation management. The third is to severely punish. Adhere to the main tone of strictness, give full play to the centralized advantages of special actions, and crack down on the illegal and criminal acts found strictly and quickly, make a momentum, and punish them to the pain. Fourth, strengthen public opinion disposal. Conscientiously implement the 24-hour feedback system for public opinion disposal, and adhere to the”four first times”.
The heads of the food supervision department and relevant departments of the Municipal Bureau, the food law enforcement division responsible comrades of the municipal comprehensive law enforcement detachment, the cold chain special class responsible comrades, and all the staff of the special action special class attended the meeting in the main venue, and the division responsible comrades of the county (city, district) bureaus and functional area branch bureaus and relevant staff attended the meeting in the branch venue.