The US International Trade Commission determined that the US fertilizer industry was not damaged by the import of Russian nitrogenous fertilizer
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According to the official website of the US International Trade Commission, the US International Trade Commission has determined that Russian nitrogenous fertilizer does not pose a threat to the US fertilizer industry and has not found a reason for imposing anti-dumping duties.
The US International Trade Commission issued the final conclusion of the anti-dumping investigation, saying:”the urea ammonia mixture from Russia and Trinidad and Tobago will not cause losses to the US industry.” As early as last June, the U.S. International Trade Commission was considering imposing additional taxes on nitrogen fertilizer imported from Russia and Trinidad and Tobago.
Earlier, the United States warned that it might impose anti-dumping duties on urea ammonia mixtures imported from Russia. The United States said that the price of Russian products was low. The U.S. Department of trade suggested that CBP require Russia to pay a cash deposit equivalent to the difference between the export price and the U.S. price. It is reported that before the end of the anti-dumping investigation, the United States will impose corresponding taxes on Russian suppliers.