The two-level market supervision departments in Hulunbuir city jointly ensure food safety in the night market
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Hot weather in summer and during the peak tourist season of holidays
The mobility of people in night market places has increased
Increase in catering consumption
To further boost consumer confidence
Stimulate economic vitality
Light up the city’s”night economy”
Effectively protect consumers
Health and safety of catering”on the tip of the tongue”
Meet the consumption needs of the people
July 22
Hulunbuir Market Supervision Bureau
Market Supervision Bureau of Hailar District
Strengthen the two-level linkage of urban areas
Yes, Xishan night market
Carry out”keeping the bottom line, checking hidden dangers and ensuring safety”
Catering safety supervision and inspection
In the supervision and inspection of catering safety in Xishan night market, law enforcement personnel carefully inspected the food business license of each business stall, the validity period of the registration certificate, the consistency between the business scope and the registration certificate, the health certificate of employees, food procurement channels and food processing methods, and the demand for certificates and tickets, and urged the night market catering operators to further enhance their awareness of food safety and implement the main responsibility for food safety, Provide a safe and secure dining environment for the general public, and prevent the occurrence of food poisoning and foodborne diseases. At the same time, the law enforcement officers strictly follow the requirements of the”management measures for food safety sampling inspection”, and take sterile sampling inspection on the food they sell. During the inspection, all certificates of night market employees were complete, and more than 10 samples were qualified.
The food safety supervision and inspection of the night market has further standardized the catering business order of the night market and created a good consumption environment. Next, the market supervision and management department will continue to strengthen the investigation and rectification of food safety in catering services, strengthen the supervision, management and inspection of food safety in night markets and other places, investigate and rectify potential safety hazards, and ensure the safety of the people.