The successful completion of the joint feasibility study of China Uruguay free trade agreement is conducive to the development of China Uzbekistan dairy industry
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two thousand and twenty-twoyearsevenmonthfourteenOn the afternoon of August, the spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce of the people’s Republic of China concluded乌拉圭自贸协定联合可研答记者问,指出:“中方高度重视与乌拉圭建立自贸关系。去yearninemonth中乌双方启动自贸协定联合可研以来,双方工作团队密切合作,扎实开展相关研究工作。目前,联合可研已顺利完成。双方将继续积极沟通,探讨推进下一步中乌自贸合作事宜,进一步提升两国经贸合作水平。”

China is the first export destination of Uruguay, accounting for30%。 As the largest dairy exporter in South America, Uruguay accounts for 20%of global dairy transactions3%,近year来积极推动与中国的乳制品贸易与合作。据乌拉圭乳制品协会报告显示,two thousand and twenty-twoyear前五个month,乌拉圭乳制品出口3.42nineUS $billion, year-on-year growth2nine%, the fourth largest export industry in Uruguay, second only to beef, soybeans and pulp.

Uruguay is rich in natural resources. As the second largest stable source of whole milk powder in the world, China Ukraine free trade is bound to bring diversified choices to China’s dairy market. Uruguay currently only5% Of agricultural land is used for the development of dairy industry, which is bound to bring new trade and investment opportunities for China. China is a major importer of dairy products. The trade cooperation with Uruguay has expanded the import channels, which has brought benefits to the development of China’s dairy industry and created favorable conditions for Uruguayan dairy enterprises to deeply cultivate the Chinese market.

At present, Uruguay’s products exported to the Chinese market include:whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder and demineralized whey powderD40UHTNormal temperature milk, cheese, butter, etc.