The State Administration of market supervision recognized the letter of the inspection department on notifying excellent cases of inspection and testing
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The market supervision bureaus (departments and commissions) of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps recognize the testing and supervision functional departments, national quality inspection centers and relevant inspection and testing institutions:
Since this year, local market supervision departments have carried out in-depth inspection and testing to promote the optimization and upgrading of key industries in accordance with the unified deployment requirements of the General Administration, and achieved positive results. In order to summarize and exchange the innovative experience of inspection and testing in serving economic and social development and promoting industrial optimization and upgrading, in July this year, the inspection department of the State Administration of market supervision recognized that the inspection department organized a nationwide excellent case solicitation activity of”inspection and testing promoting economic and social innovation and development”, and received a total of threeonefive cases recommended and submitted by various units. The case fully shows that based on the needs of economic and social development, the majority of inspection and testing institutions have made positive contributions to improving product quality, promoting industrial upgrading, protecting the ecological environment, and promoting high-quality economic and social development. Some institutions strengthen the core technology research, break through the”neck” technology bottleneck, and realize the independent control of key inspection and detection technologies; Some institutions focus on industrial development and people’s livelihood needs, and provide solutions for the whole life cycle of new product design, R & D, production and use; Some institutions continue to optimize their models and actively provide”one-stop” services to support small and medium-sized enterprises and regional economic development; Some institutions play a leading and supporting role in technology, focus on solving key common technical problems across industries and fields, and integrate and develop with national strategic emerging industries.
In order to further play the exemplary and leading role of excellent models, and comprehensively consider the innovative, practical, beneficial, normative and other factors of the cases, five0 excellent cases of”inspection and testing to promote the innovative development of economy and society” have been reviewed by experts (see the annex for details), which are hereby notified. Please take this opportunity to guide the inspection and testing institutions to learn from excellent cases, further promote quality improvement and inspection and testing to promote industrial optimization and upgrading, form more replicable and replicable experience and practices, and drive the industry to extend to specialization and the high end of the value chain, so as to continue to be better and stronger.
Attachment:excellent cases of inspection and testing promoting economic and social innovation and development
Approval and testing department of the State Administration of market supervision
December threeone, two0twoone
Excellent cases of testing and promoting economic and social innovation and development
Serial number
Case name
Strictly control the quality of dual source EMUs in the plateau, and help the Fuxing to open the”roof of the world”
National Railway product quality inspection and Testing Center
Build an inspection and testing platform for the whole industry chain and accelerate the localization of industrial chips
Beijing xinkejian Technology Co., Ltd
Innovative technology management to support fiveg development
National Radio Monitoring Center Testing Center
Innovate the”enterprise + industry” technology research and development mode, and promote the high-quality development of power batteries for mopeds
Guolian Automotive Power Battery Research Institute Co., Ltd
Breaking through key detection technologies to help the”blood vessels” of large passenger aircraft unblock
China Institute of Aeronautical integrated technology
Build a public technology service platform to help the rapid development of Ultra HD video industry
National quality inspection and Testing Center for digital audio, video and multimedia products
Jointly formulate testing and evaluation standards for smart appliances and standardize the development of smart appliance market
Zhongjiayuan (Beijing) testing and Certification Co., Ltd
Innovative intelligent terminal inspection and detection system to support Internet Information Security Governance
China Taier Laboratory
Urgently strengthen the construction of nucleic acid detection capacity to help Hong Kong prevent and fight epidemic diseases
China Inspection and certification (Group) Co., Ltd
Develop a”Trinity” comprehensive service evaluation platform to support the rapid development of the new display industry
China building materials inspection and Certification Group Co., Ltd
Multi stage test linkage to ensure the safety of transport vehicles for the Winter Olympics
Beijing Institute of product quality supervision and inspection
Focus on the”choke” technology of automobile working conditions to boost the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry
China Automotive Technology Research Center Co., Ltd
Independently develop the test system to ensure the safety of Beidou system and its application
National communication navigation and Beidou satellite application product quality inspection and Testing Center
Science and technology create a sharp sword for supervision and innovation to ensure food safety
Hebei Institute of food inspection
Quality inspection innovation road, desert Gobi become a thoroughfare
Quality inspection center of Shanxi road and Bridge Fifth Engineering Co., Ltd
Build nqi online one-stop service platform to promote industrial quality improvement and efficiency
Baotou inspection and Testing Center
Create the mode of”made in China and inspected in China”, benchmark the international market and support the export of agricultural products with northeast characteristics
Dalian Customs Technology Center
Build an offshore wind power cable testing service platform to lead the development of new energy testing technology
National wire and cable quality inspection and Testing Center
Break through the bottleneck of sensing system detection technology and ensure the safety of intelligent new energy vehicles
Shanghai motor vehicle testing and Certification Technology Research Center Co., Ltd
Create a detection and evaluation system to help improve the quality of the robot industry
Shanghai Electric Science Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd
Breaking through key technologies to help the”core replacement” project
Shanghai Hualing integrated circuit technology Co., Ltd
We are committed to the innovation of testing technology and help the upgrading of rail transit industry
Shanghai rail transit inspection and certification (Group) Co., Ltd
Create a”standardized +” inspection and testing service mode to promote the high-quality development of the textile industry
Jiangsu textile product quality supervision and Inspection Institute
Build a carbon emission monitoring technology system to help achieve the goal of”double carbon”
Testing Laboratory of Huadian Electric Power Research Institute Co., Ltd
Innovatively carry out the application of new detection technologies to ensure the construction of major petrochemical projects
Zhejiang Academy of special equipment science
Build a quality based one-stop service platform and promote the upgrading of smart toilets
Taizhou Institute of product quality and safety testing
Carry out”quality inspection and enterprise benefit action” to support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises
Anhui Institute of product quality supervision and inspection
Innovate the”three-dimensional and one-dimensional” service mode and promote the upgrading and development of industrial clusters
Fujian Institute of product quality inspection
Cross border integration promotes upgrading, and hard core helps support development
Xiamen Institute of product quality inspection
It is born in response to the Camellia oleifera Industry and helps the Camellia oleifera Industry jump
National Camellia oleifera product quality inspection and Testing Center (Jiangxi)
Technical guidance shows responsibility, and innovation serves the anti epidemic situation
Shandong Institute of medical device and drug packaging inspection
Help overcome the technical problems of”choke neck” and serve the development and upgrading of marine equipment and high-end equipment
Qingdao Haijian Group Co., Ltd
Serve the”the Belt and Road” and ensure the construction quality of Yawan high-speed railway
Guangxin testing and Certification Group Co., Ltd
Solve key common technical problems across industries and fields, and serve the quality control of key engineering materials for new infrastructure
Sinosteel Zhengzhou metal products Research Institute Co., Ltd
Create a fuel cell vehicle collision evaluation system to promote the passive safety progress of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
Xiangyang Daan Automobile Testing Center Co., Ltd
Build an advanced digital inspection platform to help the high-quality development of rail transit equipment industry
China railway inspection and certification Zhuzhou traction electrical equipment inspection station Co., Ltd
We are committed to the development of reliability inspection and testing technology and help the independent, controllable and high-quality development of the power industry
The fifth Electronic Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology
Build a testing platform for charging facilities to help the development of new infrastructure
Weikai Testing Technology Co., Ltd
“Inspection, study, research and application” linkage to promote the development of integrated circuit industry
Guangzhou Radio and television measurement and Testing Co., Ltd
With Beidou high-precision positioning technology and equipment as the core, build a safety management and control system for urban infrastructure
Shenzhen Tianjian Engineering Technology Co., Ltd
Realize the national sharing of nutrition and health big data and ensure the quality of life of the people
Shenzhen Institute of Metrology and quality inspection
Create a”one-stop” service platform to lead the industry to achieve leapfrog development
Wuzhou food and Drug Inspection Institute
Solve the problem of testing degradable materials and promote the construction of Hainan Ecological Civilization pilot area
Hainan Institute of product quality supervision and inspection
Strive to build a comprehensive service platform for hydrogen power and realize the localization of major core equipment
National hydrogen power quality inspection and Testing Center (Chongqing)
Establish an intelligent video test and evaluation system of”two passengers and one danger” to promote the development of vehicle active safety technology
China Merchants Testing Vehicle Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd
Give play to the advantages of inspection and detection technology to support the detection of major food safety cases
Sichuan Institute of food inspection
Create a”one system, three platforms” system to serve the security of big data information products
Guizhou big data information security product inspection and Testing Center
Innovate the”five most” and”five new” technical service modes, and drive tens of thousands of coffee farmers to increase their income and become rich
Baoshan quality and technical supervision and comprehensive testing center
Serve public safety and help epidemic prevention and control
Shaanxi medical device quality inspection institute
Based on the advantages of heat resources in Xinjiang, drive the regional economy to achieve new growth
Xinjiang Turpan natural environment experiment and Research Center