The South China Sea Institute of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences carried out the research on”key technology research and application demonstration of tuna wild fishing and domestication” and passed the field test
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On July 26, 2022, the South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, the third subtropical Fisheries Research Institute, organized experts to conduct on-site tests on the completion of the research task of the 2021 major science and technology plan project of Hainan Province,”research and application of key technologies for high body and tuna healthy breeding” (zdkj2021011)”research and application demonstration of key technologies for tuna wild fishing and domestication”. The evaluation expert group is composed of Professor Hu Jingjie of Ocean University of China, researcher Zhang Haibin of Institute of deep sea science and engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Associate Professor Liu Yibing of Sanya Institute of Oceanography, Ocean University of China.
The evaluation expert group inspected the cage culture of yellowfin tuna on the spot, consulted the relevant test data, conducted sampling measurements, and listened to the report of Dr. mazhenhua, the project leader, on the implementation of the research task. After careful discussion, it was believed that the project topic carried out the research on cage culture of yellowfin tuna in offshore aquaculture areas of China for the first time and achieved success, and built a technical system for deep-water cage culture of yellowfin tuna, Tuna cage culture demonstration was carried out, with a total culture demonstration water body of 6600m3, and the domestication success rate of yellowfin tuna reached 75.83%. It was agreed that this was a major breakthrough in tuna culture technology in China, and it was also an important sign of the rapid development of tuna culture industry in China.