The seminar of Xingtai local standard”good production practice of small food workshops” was held
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On July 15, Xingtai municipal market supervision bureau organized a seminar on the formulation and revision of local standards of good production practices for small food workshops. Qiaofushan, member of the party leading group and deputy director of the Municipal Bureau, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Heads of departments related to food safety, laws and regulations, Standardization Institute, Food Inspection Institute and relevant county and urban bureaus attended the meeting.
In order to further regulate the production and processing behavior of small food workshops and improve the level of food quality and safety, in accordance with the food safety law of the people’s Republic of China and its implementation regulations, the general hygiene code for food production, and the regulations of Hebei Province on the administration of small food stalls in small food workshops, the food production safety supervision department and the Standardization Institute jointly drafted the good production practice of small food workshops.
At the meeting, deputy director Qiao Fushan introduced the urgency, necessity and great significance of formulating the local standard of good production practice of small food workshops, and asked all experts and experts to actively offer suggestions for formulating high-level local standards to ensure the smooth introduction of the standards.
17 experts and experts were responsible, studied and discussed the standard text item by item, and carefully discussed and determined in terms of the accuracy of text expression and description and the height and scale of relevant policy requirements in combination with the actual situation of our city. They reached both high standards and can be achieved through efforts. This standard laid a solid foundation for standardizing and guiding the production and processing behavior of small food processing workshops in our city.
The standard”good production practice of small food workshops” stipulates the basic requirements for the production of small food workshops, production and processing sites, site building structures, facilities and equipment, health management, use management of food raw materials and food additives and related products, food safety control in the production process, product management, recall management, training management, record management and improvement measures. At the same time, it has the following characteristics:first, full coverage. It is applicable to the good production guidance of small food workshops in the administrative region of the city. Second, innovation. The code further clarifies that small food workshops are self-employed operators engaged in food production and processing activities in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, with fixed production sites, simple production conditions and processes, small production and processing scale and few employees. Third, unity. For the purchase of food raw materials, auxiliary materials, food additives and food related products, the information and certificates of the supplier should be checked. Fourth, scientific. According to the actual situation of our city, the number of food inspections produced by small food workshops should be specified every year. Fifth, implementation. The standard refines various requirements to the greatest extent, fully absorbs the working experience of small workshop managers and front-line staff, and maintains the consistency with relevant laws, regulations and implementation rules.