The second batch of typical cases of”iron fist action 2022″ in Meishan City were announced
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Since the”iron fist action 2022″ was launched, the city’s market supervision system has focused on prominent issues in the field of people’s livelihood, which have been strongly reflected by the masses and concerned by public opinion. It has dealt with a number of illegal cases closely related to the masses and of a bad nature, effectively safeguarding market safety and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. In order to further expand the influence of”iron fist action 2022″ and truly play the role of deterring offenders and warning operators, a number of typical cases are now published. Examples in the food sector are as follows:

Case 1

A case of producing and selling toxic and harmful food in a snack bar in Qingshen
Case introduction:on May 26, 2022, Qingshen County Market Supervision Bureau carried out a special inspection on snack bars in the county. When conducting a quick inspection on steamed stuffed buns and flower rolls sold in a snack bar on that day, it was found that the test result was positive, and 314g of”Diamond Star” sweet bubble baking powder (with ammonium aluminum sulfate) was found in the store. Law enforcement officers seized 5345g of wet flour as raw materials, 51 semi-finished (wrapped but not steamed) steamed buns, and 53 finished meat steamed buns, sweet steamed buns, and flower rolls, and sampled them for inspection. After inspection, aluminum residues were found in steamed stuffed buns and rolls, and the inspection result was unqualified.
Handling results:the party involved added prohibited additives (aluminum additive:ammonium aluminum sulfate) in the production and sale of steamed stuffed buns and flower rolls, which violated the provisions of Article 34 of the food safety law of the people’s Republic of China. Due to suspected crime, the case has been transferred to the public security organ for investigation.
 Case 7

A case of selling alcohol to minors in a snack bar in Hongya County
Case description:on May 31, 2022, Hongya County Market Supervision Bureau received a report that a snack bar in Hongya County sold cigarettes and alcohol to students (minors) of Meishan vocational electronic technology school. Hongya County Market Supervision Bureau immediately jointly inspected the snack bar with education, public security and other departments. After investigation, the party concerned began to sell cigarettes and alcohol to the students of Meishan electronic vocational and technical school in February 2022, contacted the students through wechat, and sent beer to the student dormitory with a bamboo pole from the fence in the evening. A total of 3 pieces of snowflake beer (330ml*24 bottles/piece) were sold. The purchase price was 42 yuan/piece, the sales price was 48 yuan/piece, the sales amount was 144 yuan, and the illegal income was 18 yuan. The party concerned was unable to provide the beer purchase bill and supplier qualification materials.
Handling results:the party concerned failed to implement the incoming inspection system and sold beer to minors, which violated the provisions of Article 53, paragraph 1, of the food safety law of the people’s Republic of China and Article 59, paragraph 1, of the law of the people’s Republic of China on the protection of minors. Hongya County Market Supervision Bureau imposed an administrative penalty of 5018 yuan on the party concerned according to law. The behavior of the parties selling cigarettes to minors shall be handled by the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau separately.
  Case 8

Wu’s adult supplies store is suspected of operating food added with sildenafil
Case description:on February 25, 2022, the municipal market supervision bureau and Meishan Public Security Bureau launched a special rectification action for adult products. When inspecting the adult products store operated by Mr. Wu in Dongpo District, it was found that the vending machine was selling”boutique Viagra” (100 mg/tablet), The outer package is marked with the words”applicability:for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, main ingredient:pure natural preparation, containing silex, product features:Patients with hypertension and heart disease can take it, approval number:wsjz (2008) No. 168″, and”boutique Viagra” has been tested by Meishan food and drug inspection and testing center, and the test result is that it contains sildenafil.