The municipal government of Sao Paulo banned the provision of plastic straws
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Mayor heikaldo has signed the decree, which will be supervised by the municipal government, and the fine may reach 8000 reais. If the violation is repeated, the store owner may be seized.
If you are found violating the rules for the first time, you will not be fined, but will be warned. If you break the rules again, you will be fined.
A 2019 state government regulation also prohibits the provision of plastic straws to customers in stores in the state of Sao Paulo, which can replace straws of other materials.
Sao Paulo also has two regulations on reducing the use of straws. The first is the regulation in 2011, when the sale and distribution of plastic straws were prohibited, and then it was modified to use biodegradable plastic bags and plastic straws.
Another regulation of the state government of Sao Paulo is to ban the use of plastic cups, plastic plates and plastic tableware from early January last year, but no fines have been imposed.
Dancredo, a restaurant owner in Sao Paulo, has used biodegradable materials to replace ordinary plastic products. Although the cost of ordinary plastic products is R $0.50, the cost of biodegradable materials is R $1.50.