The Ministry of agriculture and cooperatives of Thailand promotes the”pig sandbox” project to prevent and control swine fever
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The Ministry of agriculture and cooperatives is responsible for the implementation of the”livestock sandbox” project, including the selection of implementation areas and target groups to prevent and control livestock epidemics and promote the development of aquaculture as a pilot project. At the same time, the Ministry of agriculture and cooperatives and relevant institutions of the Ministry of Commerce coordinate to find channels for exports to surrounding countries and overseas markets.
The”pig sandbox” pilot area planned by the animal husbandry department uses 3S measures to control swine fever and promote pig breeding. The animal husbandry department has tried out the”pig sandbox” project, which is divided into pilot areas, expansion areas, areas free of swine fever and areas outside the non epidemic areas. This is a pilot project for pig breeding, which is used to prevent and control African swine fever (ASF) and foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), promote and restore pig breeding, aiming to produce high-quality animal husbandry products, improve farm management and feeding quality standards, and promote agricultural development.
At present, the”pig sandbox” research project has been carried out in the pilot area of ratpi province to establish a disease control and rehabilitation system for pig farms affected by foot-and-mouth disease and African swine fever. The implementation period of the project is one year from May 4, 2022 to May 3, 2023. The research budget, supported by the agricultural research and development office, is about 10.077 million 720 baht, which will be transferred in four phases. In the first phase, 3.14 million 2560 baht has been transferred to guide disease prevention and control, promote small farmers to resume pig breeding, prepare for all aspects, upgrade and adjust the breeding system to meet GFM or gap standards, and prepare farmers in the region to start a new round of pig breeding.
The animal husbandry department said that Thailand has always taken strict measures to prevent and control African swine fever, making Thailand the country with the best control of swine fever among ASEAN countries. The Philippines has also arranged personnel to Thailand to study and study measures to prevent and control African swine fever and apply them to the prevention and control work in the Philippines.
The implementation area of the”pig sandbox” project will be divided into special control areas, which will become a demonstration project to promote and resume production, which can prevent and control various epidemics of pigs, improve the biosafety system of pig farms, and adopt more appropriate disease prevention and control management methods.