The market supervision bureau of Yuanbaoshan District, Chifeng City organized the special risk investigation of special food
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Law enforcement personnel take special foods that enhance human immunity as the key varieties, take the surrounding areas of hospitals, campuses and urban-rural joints as the key areas, and take pharmacies, mother and baby supplies stores and large supermarkets as the key places to check whether the labels of health food are in compliance, whether a food safety management system is established, whether special counters are set up for special foods, and whether consumption tips of”health food is not a drug and cannot replace drugs” are set up, Whether the self inspection of food safety is carried out regularly, and whether the key inspection is carried out by asking for certificates and tickets as required. At the same time, the law enforcement personnel, centering on the core concept of”health food is not a drug and cannot replace drugs to treat diseases”, publicized the differences between health food and ordinary food and drugs to the operators and the past masses, so as to improve the people’s awareness of health food.
During the inspection, it was found that some business units had problems such as incomplete standing books, imperfect system of asking for certificates and tickets, no special counters in special areas, and no warning slogans. The law enforcement personnel had ordered the relevant enterprises to complete the rectification within a time limit on the spot. In the next step, the market supervision bureau of Yuanbaoshan District will continue to carry out special food supervision and inspection, continuously strengthen the risk investigation in the field of special food business, firmly weave the”one old and one small” food safety network, and effectively enhance the people’s sense of happiness and gain.