The market supervision bureau of Shandan County, Gansu Province has done a good job in preventing and controlling the epidemic situation in the catering industry with the”five strengthening and five in place” strategy
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Recently, with the continuous changes in the situation of prevention and control of the COVID-19, in order to seriously implement the arrangements and arrangements of the central government and provincial cities and counties on epidemic prevention and control, Shandan County Market Supervision Bureau combined with the activity of”three entry, three inquiry, three inspection, three guarantee, stability, development and people’s livelihood”, further strengthened its responsibility, conscientiously performed its duties, and”five strengthening and five in place” to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control of catering service units.
Strengthen overall planning and put responsibilities in place. The market supervision bureau held a meeting at the first time to convey the spirit of the meeting, arrange the deployment work, set up three task forces of comprehensive coordination, market supervision and drug prices, and transferred 50 cadres and workers to the front line to focus on the implementation of COVID-19 prevention and control measures in supermarkets, hotels, food production enterprises, farmers’ markets and other key markets, so as to ensure the”safety on the tip of the tongue” of the people in the county.
Strengthen responsibility and put civil air defense supervision in place. In accordance with the prevention and control measures and requirements of the prevention and control plan for novel coronavirus-19 (Ninth Edition), urge catering service units to strictly implement the systems of”spoon and chopsticks serving clip”,”six commitments”,”double reporting”,”48 hour nucleic acid of employees” and”morning inspection”. Comprehensively disinfect the business area and maintain indoor ventilation. Employees of all catering service units are required to wear masks and disposable gloves, and wear work clothes and hats in a standardized manner. Set up”one meter line”, arrange special personnel to guide diners to queue up orderly, wear masks, and check the temperature of customers entering the store, check the”Health Code” and”travel card”. Actively organize 2105 employees of catering service units to carry out nucleic acid testing.
Strengthen the source and put in place the supervision of material prevention. Urge catering service units to strictly control the quality and safety of raw and auxiliary materials, establish stable raw material suppliers, and do not purchase imported cold chain food and raw and auxiliary materials from epidemic areas or medium and high risk areas, so as to ensure the reliable and safe source of raw and auxiliary materials. Implement the system of asking for certificates, tickets and incoming inspection records, actively apply the”Gansu food safety information traceability platform” to ensure that the source can be checked, the destination can be traced, and the risk can be controlled. 609 catering service units have been investigated, and no imported cold chain food and raw and auxiliary materials have been purchased from epidemic areas or medium and high risk areas.
Strengthen distribution and put technical prevention supervision in place. Actively implement the”food safety sealing and signing” project, urge meituan and hungry Yao platforms to provide unified”food safety sealing and signing” for online catering service units free of charge, encourage online catering units to actively implement the obligation of food safety protection in the process of food distribution, strictly implement the”one seal and signing for one meal”, and ensure that meal delivery personnel have zero contact with food. The meal delivery rider should ensure the integrity of the food safety seal, avoid being opened for secondary pollution, and provide safe and secure catering services for consumers. So far, meituan and hungry have issued more than 100000″food safety seals”.
Strengthen publicity and create an atmosphere in place. Make full use of news media, electronic screens and other publicity methods to publicize epidemic prevention and control knowledge to catering service units, patiently and carefully explain relevant prevention and control measures, strengthen self-protection, and advocate a healthy, civilized and positive new trend. The propaganda slogans for epidemic prevention and control are played on the electronic screen, and large and medium-sized catering service units with conditions are encouraged to use the large screen to broadcast epidemic prevention and control knowledge. So far, 270 propaganda slogans have been played, 20 banners have been hung, more than 590 site codes and more than 650 guidelines for epidemic prevention and control have been posted to guide the updating of norms, creating a good atmosphere in which everyone is responsible for epidemic prevention and control.