The market supervision bureau of Langxi County, Xuancheng City held a special action scheduling meeting for”inspection and protection” of food safety
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At the meeting, the spirit of the second dispatching meeting of the Municipal Bureau of”inspection and protection” was conveyed, and the food department dispatched the special action work.
The meeting required that the”four strictest” should be taken as the fundamental compliance, the”eight stricts” and”1+3″ risk hidden danger accounts and nine mechanisms should be fully implemented, special actions should be continuously promoted, and efforts should be made to prevent and resolve food safety risks to ensure”whole year” food safety. In particular, each institute is required to establish four accounts, improve nine mechanisms, and improve the construction of all data archives before July 10 according to the special action plan of”compliance, inspection and protection” and in combination with the work characteristics of the Institute. The county bureau will carry out special inspections in mid July, and incorporate the problems found into the annual assessment.