The market supervision bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region came to Chifeng to investigate the supervision of food production
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From July 20 to 21, maobaofeng, a member of the Party group and deputy director of the market supervision bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and his delegation went to Chifeng to carry out research on food production supervision.
The research team came to Chifeng Dina Food Co., Ltd. and Inner Mongolia Tianqi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. for on-the-spot research to understand in detail the production and operation, epidemic prevention and control, the use of risk management and control platform, product research and development, production, sales and innovation development of the enterprise.
Subsequently, the research group held a symposium with the participation of more than 20 heads of food production enterprises and market supervision staff at the urban level. Maobaofeng learned about the production and operation status of each enterprise and the difficulties and problems existing in the development process, and carefully listened to the opinions and suggestions of the enterprise to the market supervision departments at all levels. He pointed out that enterprises should earnestly shoulder the main responsibility, and entrepreneurs should broaden their horizons, not only focus on the current, but also based on the long-term. They should closely combine the advantages of enterprises with local resource advantages, improve market share with high-quality products, and constantly improve their influence and brand effect. Maobaofeng required that the market supervision departments should attach great importance to the demands of enterprises, carefully sort out the opinions and suggestions put forward by enterprises, be urgent to the needs of enterprises, and think about the needs of enterprises. The market supervision departments at all levels should communicate up and down, form a joint force, fully promote the solution, and effectively solve the difficulties for enterprises.