The market supervision and Administration Bureau of Zhangjiachuan county, Tianshui city makes every effort to ensure the food safety of catering and supply points
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The market supervision bureau took the initiative to connect with the county health bureau and the Bureau of Commerce to find out the list of food supply units at isolation points and designated food supply units for epidemic prevention personnel, urge business entities to implement epidemic prevention and control measures, carry out full coverage supervision and inspection on the supply units every day, and strictly investigate the implementation of food safety systems such as food material procurement, environmental sanitation, storage, food processing and production, tableware cleaning and disinfection, and food sample retention of food supply units, In accordance with the requirements of the prevention and control plan for emerging coronavirus pneumonia (Ninth Edition), urge all employees to conduct nucleic acid testing, recheck one by one according to the problems found in the inspection process, rectify one place and cancel one place, and eliminate the hidden dangers of food safety in time.
Up to now, 2 food supply units and 5 designated food supply units have been inspected. In the next step, the county bureau will continue to make efforts to continue to increase the daily inspection of food safety of catering units, urge the implementation of the main responsibility of food safety and epidemic prevention and control requirements, and effectively ensure the dining safety of relevant personnel during the epidemic.