The market supervision and Administration Bureau of Qingshui County, Tianshui city carried out the action of standardizing the processing, production and operation of small workshops of edible bean sprouts
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The inspection team focused on guiding and transforming the basic process flow, facilities and equipment, production requirements, employee management and quality control of the small workshop, put forward rectification requirements for the existing problems, and answered the problems encountered in the production and operation of the small workshop of bean sprout processing. The inspection team requires that producers should not use 6-benzyladenine, 4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid sodium, gibberellin and other substances in the production process of bean sprouts, and should do a good job in the accounting records of incoming inspection, production and sales, and ex factory inspection according to law, and strictly implement the traceability management.
In the next step, we will focus on bean sprout sales places and catering service units such as wholesale markets of agricultural products, farmers’ markets, supermarkets, specialty stores of edible agricultural products, continue to strengthen the law enforcement inspection and sampling inspection of edible bean sprouts, strictly investigate and deal with illegal production and processing of bean sprouts, timely expose illegal cases, and resolutely crack down on and deal with unlicensed production and operation or illegally added black dens and black workshops.