The market supervision and Administration Bureau of Ganzhou District, Zhangye carried out the investigation and rectification of potential risks of edible vegetable oil in Daman area
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This inspection is aimed at the shopping malls, grain and oil franchises and edible vegetable oil production and processing enterprises that retail and wholesale edible vegetable oil within the jurisdiction. It organizes and holds an interview with the main body of edible vegetable oil production and operation, and requires all production and operation units to strictly implement the general requirements of the”four strictest”, strictly implement the main responsibility of food safety, and resolutely put an end to the excessive addition, shoddy, false identification Local sub packaging sales and other illegal acts to further improve the level of food safety assurance.
The law enforcement personnel mainly inspected the production environmental conditions, raw material purchase inspection, production process control, product inspection, label identification, etc. of the vegetable oil production enterprises under their jurisdiction; Check whether the raw materials purchased by the enterprise are qualified and whether the factory inspection report is issued, urge the enterprise to implement the main responsibility of food safety, and establish and improve the food quality and safety system. At the same time, we should strengthen the supervision and inspection of the sales process, check the purchase accounts, product quality inspection reports, commodity labels and identifications, and check whether the sales units have behaviors such as adulteration, passing fake products as real ones, passing inferior products as good ones, passing unqualified oil products as qualified oil products, and urge the sales enterprises to operate in good faith and abide by the law.
Up to now, a total of 6 Edible vegetable oil production and business units have been inspected in Damen District, and one merchant whose storage was not kept away from the wall and the ground has been instructed to rectify immediately. Next, on the basis of early treatment, Daman district will urge the rectification and implementation of relevant problems, and earnestly do a good job in food safety supervision, so as to ensure the health and food safety of the people.