The list of Russian enterprises exporting fish and aquatic products to China was expanded
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        Food partner online news  俄罗斯联邦兽医和植物卫生监督局7月12日消息:中华人民共和国海关总署扩大俄罗斯鱼类及水产制品输华企业名单,新增6家鱼类及水产制品生产及储存的企业和船舶,这是本年度中方第4次作出扩大俄罗斯输华企业名单的决定。

At present, the list of enterprises and ships that are allowed to export aquatic products to China in Russia has reached 857, and the new units have been registered through the Chinese cifer system.
The Russian Animal Husbandry Bureau will continue to provide support for enterprises to obtain the right to export to China.