The Institute of Oceanography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has made new progress in the study of the mesoderm development mechanism of molluscs
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Recently, the liubaozhong research team of the Institute of Oceanography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences made new progress in the study of the cytological mechanism of early development of molluscs. The study took the representative gastropod mollusc Rima as the object, and systematically revealed the development patterns of different cell populations in the mesoderm during the process of gastrulation. The relevant results were published in evolutio, the top journal of biology zone 1, under the title of”early mesosomal development in the patellogastropod Lottia goshimai”Nary applications.
Early animal embryonic cells formed outer, middle and inner germ layers through gastrulation, providing a blueprint for subsequent body development. For coronaria, including molluscs, the development of blastoderm has unique characteristics. In addition to the mesoderm part (endomesoderm) similar to other animals, this kind of animals also have a unique part called ectomesoderm, which may contain important evolutionary biological information. Therefore, the mesoderm research of coronaria has become a hot spot in the field.
The team systematically studied the early development of mesoderm in rimfish. The results showed that the endomesoderm of rimbel originated from the conserved 4-D blastomeres and developed into two symmetrical mesoderm zones on the dorsal side; Ectomesoderm originated from 3a211 and 3b211 blastomeres and developed into symmetrical mesoderm tissue on the ventral side. Different mesodermal cell populations express different combinations of regulatory genes, which become molecular tags to identify these cell populations. It is worth mentioning that this study accurately identified the direct precursor cells of ectomesoderm cells, which is the first report in molluscs and even coronaria, and provides important support for comparing the development patterns of different coronaria. These results accurately describe the origin and differentiation patterns of different cell populations in the mesoderm of rimfish embryos, and provide important information for understanding the development mechanism and evolution of molluscs.
The research results were jointly completed by 2019 doctoral students sun Dehui, researcher Jia pin and researcher Liu Baozhong, and were jointly supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the post scientist project of the modern agricultural industrial technology system of the Ministry of agriculture, the member project of the China Academy of Sciences youth Promotion Association and the Shandong Taishan scholar project funding project.
Paper information:Dehui sun, pin Huan, Baozhong liu*, early mesothermal development in the patellogastropod Lottia goshimai, evolutionary Applications, 2022; DOI:10.1111/eva.13373.