The Hong Kong Centre for food safety on July 25 called on the public to stop eating Boletus, which is suspected to be adulterated with inedible mushrooms
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A spokesman for the centre said,”the centre followed up on an earlier case of suspected food poisoning caused by eating mushrooms reported by the centre for health protection of the Department of health, and sent staff to the restaurant in Wong Tai Sin to investigate and take samples for testing. After assessing the samples, fungus experts pointed out that Boletus was adulterated with some inedible mushrooms.”
“Preliminary investigations showed that all the products involved were distributed to the supplier” Guangchang seafood”after import and sold in bulk. The center has instructed the supplier to stop selling and remove the affected products from the shelves, and to recycle all Boletus sold since May 31 this year. Members of the public can call the supplier’s hotline (25469889) during office hours to inquire about the products.”
The centre calls on people who have bought and held the affected products to stop eating them immediately. If they feel unwell after eating the products, they should seek medical advice immediately.
Mushroom poisoning is usually acute. The severity depends on the variety and quantity of mushrooms eaten. Diners will also have various symptoms. The incubation period of mushroom poisoning is generally short, and diners will have intestinal symptoms, the most common of which are nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Sometimes there are other distinctive signs, including extreme thirst, excessive sweating, hallucinations, coma, and other neurological symptoms.
The center suggests that citizens should pay attention to the following points when purchasing, processing and eating mushrooms:
* if you suspect that the mushrooms you choose are mixed with unknown varieties, do not buy them;
* do not buy mushrooms if they are unsanitary (stained with cultivated materials) or deteriorated (colored spots/peculiar smell/release mucilage, etc.);
* mushrooms should be thoroughly washed and cooked before eating;
* if you need to soak mushrooms overnight, put the mushrooms in the refrigerator; and
* if poisoning is suspected due to eating mushrooms, seek medical advice immediately.
The centre will continue to follow up the incident and take appropriate actions to ensure food safety and public health. The investigation continues.