The General Administration of Customs updated the list of imported fruits, adding Laos citrus, Vietnam passion fruit and South Africa pear
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   7月15日,海关总署官网更新了获得我国检验检疫准入的新鲜水果种类及输出国家/地区名录,新增Lao Citrus、Vietnam passion fruit(试进口)和South African pear。

  Lao Citrus
  本次获准进入中国市场的Lao Citrus类水果包括橘子(mandarin)、柚子(pomelo)和柠檬(lemon)。
The Customs has made specific requirements for the planting and post harvest processing of Citrus exported from Laos to China. Pummelo must be bagged in the growth cycle for more than 60 days. If the fruit bags are found damaged before harvest, they are not allowed to enter the workshop or factory processing citrus exported to China. Oranges and lemons exported to China must be cold treated in registered cold treatment equipment before being exported. The cold treatment index of orange is 1.67 ° C or below for 18 days, and that of lemon is 3 ° C or below for 18 days.
The citrus planting area in Laos is about 3620 hectares, of which 2500 hectares (about 70%) are for export. It is estimated that Laos will export about 50000 tons of citrus fruits to China in 2022, with a total value of 50million US dollars.
  Vietnam passion fruit
  Vietnam passion fruit自7月1日起可试点进口到中国市场,进口地点为广西凭祥口岸和东兴口岸。
  今年Vietnam passion fruit产量预计将达到13.5万吨,主要种植在嘉莱省(Gia Lai)和得乐省(Dak Lak)。嘉莱省刚刚将百香果列入当地四大重点果树之一,计划到2025年百香果种植面积达到2万公顷,成为越南最大的百香果产地。
The General Administration of Customs of the people’s Republic of China suggested that the Ministry of agriculture and rural development of Vietnam cooperate in sampling inspection of export shipments. In addition, the production process of passion fruit must comply with the Vietnamese good agricultural practice (vietgap) certification standard and the global good agricultural practice standard (globalgap).
  South African pear
  南非早在2003年就申请向中国出口苹果和梨,经过漫长的沟通,2015年南非苹果获准进入中国市场。随着新冠疫情的爆发,原计划于2020年3月中国和南非高层会晤仪式上签署的South African pear准入议定书也被迫推迟。经过漫长的等待,South African pear最终于2021年12月底获得中国海关总署准入。
  HortGro由南非 622 家苹果和梨生产商组成,代表南非苹果和梨产业。统计数据显示,2020年South African pear种植面积达12913公顷,产量达438468吨。出口量约为21万吨,占总产量的一半左右。