The fruit mulberry team of the economic production Institute of Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences has published two high-level papers in international academic journals
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Recently, the fruit mulberry team of the Economic Research Institute of Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences published in the international academic journals plant & cell physiology (if=4.937, jcr:q1) and internationalThe Journal of Molecular Sciences (if=6.208, jcr:q1) published online a feature selection approach guided an early prediction of anthocyanin accumulation using massive untargeted meTabolomics data in mulberry”and” the alcohol respo”NSE factor erf5 regulations anthocyanin biosynthesis in’zijin’mulberry fruits by interacting with myba and F3H genes”.
Mulberry is a typical climacteric fruit. Ethylene plays an important role in controlling the color change and texture softening during fruit ripening. Based on the non target metabonomics combined with feature selection algorithm and the combined analysis method of transcriptomics and metabonomics, the research paper identified seven metabolites with rich differences, with a contribution rate of 80%to the differential accumulation of mulberry anthocyanins, among which the top three are phosphoenolpyruvic acid, mannose and shikimic acid; It was found that maerf5 was closely related to the accumulation of mulberry anthocyanins, which confirmed that maerf5 could respond to ethylene signal regulation and up regulate the expression of downstream myba and F3H genes to participate in the accumulation of mulberry anthocyanins.
The paper was supported by the national key research and development program (2019yfd1000600), the key project of Hubei Natural Science Foundation (2020cfa061), the major scientific and technological innovation project of Hubei Province (2019aba090), the National Natural Science Foundation Project (31770660, 32170245) and the national modern agricultural industry technology system.
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