The founding meeting of Jiangxi selenium Industry Standardization Technical Committee was successfully held in Ganzhou
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On July 27, the founding meeting of Jiangxi selenium Industry Standardization Technical Committee and the working meeting of all members were held in Ganzhou. Cai Wei, a first-class inspector of the provincial market supervision bureau, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Lai Wenwen, vice mayor of Ganzhou municipal government, attended the meeting.
At the unveiling ceremony, Cai Wei and Lai Wenwen jointly unveiled the nameplate for the Standardization Committee.
Cai Wei stressed that the selenium Industry Standardization Committee should seize the policy opportunity and make full use of the advantages of the three selenium rich resource enrichment areas”West Jiangxi, South Jiangxi and around Poyang Lake” to promote the industrial transformation of”selenium enrichment + ecology + great health” and realize the point breakthrough, line pull, area promotion and quality improvement of selenium industry standardization. We should seize the development opportunity of the implementation of the standardized development outline, thoroughly implement the standard leading action, industrial upgrading action and scientific and technological innovation action, accelerate the construction of a modern and large-scale selenium rich high standard agricultural demonstration base, and establish a production standard system for selenium rich rice, fruits and vegetables, tea, livestock and poultry, aquatic products and other characteristic industries. We should seize the market opportunity of Jiangxi green ecological brand, rely on the national technical standard innovation base (Jiangxi green ecology) and Jiangxi green ecological brand construction promotion association, study and formulate a batch of high-quality”Jiangxi green ecology natural selenium rich agricultural products” standards, promote the establishment of selenium rich agricultural products identification and certification system, and certify a batch of”Jiangxi green ecology natural selenium rich agricultural products” products.
At the meeting, the announcement of the establishment of the selenium rich industry standardization committee and the list of the first committee members were read out, and six Ganzhou local standards such as the”technical regulations for the production of selenium rich Luffa” were issued. Deng Zeyuan, deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of food science and technology of Nanchang University, made a wonderful academic report with the title of”the function of selenium and its research status”, and the participants had academic exchanges. The meeting discussed and adopted the articles of association of Jiangxi selenium rich industry Standardization Technical Committee and the working rules of the Secretariat of Jiangxi selenium rich industry Standardization Technical Committee, and determined the standard system framework and standards of the Committee.
The selenium rich industry standardization committee was established with the approval of Jiangxi provincial market supervision bureau. Ganzhou comprehensive inspection and testing institute, as the Secretariat unit, is mainly responsible for the preparation and revision of selenium rich standards and the publicity, training, consultation and service of relevant standardization knowledge. It is the first provincial standardization technology organization established in the field of selenium rich industry in China. The establishment of the standardization committee will provide strong standardization technical support for further improving the standardization, standardization and specialization of selenium rich industry, promoting the selenium rich industry in our province to become a new growth pole of modern agriculture, and enabling the revitalization of rural areas and the high-quality development of modern agriculture in our province.