The European Union approved vitamin B12 produced by sword fungus cncm i-5541 as a feed additive for all animals
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   Food partner online news  据欧盟官方公报消息,2022年7月20日,欧盟委员会发布法规 (EU)2022/1249号条例,根据欧洲议会和理事会法规(EC) No 1831/2003,批准粘着剑菌CNCM I-5541生产的维生素B12作为所有动物的饲料添加剂。

According to the conditions specified in the annex, the category of this additive authorized as an animal additive is”nutritional additive”, and the functional group is”vitamins, provitamins and chemical substances with similar effects”. The end date of authorization is August 9, 2032. These Regulations shall enter into force on the 20th day from the date of promulgation.
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