The Eurasian Economic Union postponed the deadline for the transitional provisions of the alcohol technical regulations
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On July 13, 2022, the Eurasian Economic Union (EEC) reported that the deadline for the transitional provisions of the EEC technical regulations”on the safety of alcohol products” was postponed from January 9, 2024 to January 1, 2027. This adjustment is related to the EEC Council’s postponement of the effective date of this technical regulation to January 1, 2024. The technical regulations on alcohol products were passed in 2018. It stipulates the mandatory requirements for the application and implementation of produced alcohol and its production, storage, transportation, sales and disposal processes in EU countries, as well as the requirements for labeling, packaging and conformity assessment procedures. The transitional clause stipulates that the validity of the alcohol product conformity assessment document passed before the technical regulation takes effect will expire, but not later than January 1, 2027. During this period, among the allies, products that are not subject to compulsory conformity assessment before the date of entry into force of the technical regulations can be manufactured and released without such assessment documents and without national conformity marks (market circulation marks). Within the warranty period of these products determined by the manufacturer, products manufactured according to the transitional provisions are allowed to circulate. The three-year transition period allows manufacturers of such products to smoothly transition to the implementation of technical regulations until January 1, 2027.