The customs guarantees the export of the first batch of”Qin’an honey peach” this year
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On July 21, the 15 ton”Qin’an honey peach” declared by Tianshui Dazhou cross border e-commerce Integrated Service Co., Ltd. with a value of 84000 US dollars was successfully exported to Singapore through the cross-border e-commerce B2B (9710) mode, which is the second export since the”Qin’an honey peach” made an export breakthrough in 2019.
In view of the short storage time of fresh peaches and the high requirements on the timeliness of transportation and customs clearance, Tianshui customs gives priority to inspection and release through the green channel for the inspection of fresh agricultural and food products for export, issues inspection and quarantine certificates in time, and minimizes the process time limit.
“Qin’an honey peach” is a national geographical indication protection product.”There are queen mother flat peaches in the sky and Qin’an honey peaches in the earth.” Qin’an County is the main peach producing area in Gansu Province. The peach planting area, yield and benefit rank first in Gansu Province. Thanks to the local special climate, water and soil environment,”Qin’an honey peach” has long been famous.
“In recent years, the demand of Qin’an honey peach international market has expanded year by year. With the help and guidance of the customs, our export inspection and customs clearance business has become more and more skilled. This time, we won large orders through cross-border e-commerce live selling, which gives us more confidence to expand the industry and drive the local people to increase their income and become rich.” Said an Xueqiang, head of Tianshui Dazhou cross border e-commerce Integrated Services Co., Ltd.
In order to support the”Qin’an honey peach” to continue to expand the export market, Tianshui customs focused on reducing the time limit for the registration and approval of export peach orchards and fruit packaging plants within the specified range. During the epidemic, Caixin enterprises promised to handle the registration online and guide enterprises to quickly obtain export qualifications. We will continue to carry out quarantine pest monitoring, pesticide residue and heavy metal monitoring, strengthen the traceability management of exported fruits, strengthen the supervision and management of export peach plantation, agrochemical use and other links, ensure the quality of fruits, and further enhance the international market competitiveness of”Qin’an honey peach”.
At the same time, Tianshui customs comprehensively combed the relevant policies and access requirements of the main trading countries and regions of”Qin’an honey peach”, guided export enterprises to strengthen quality and safety management, established and improved the accounts of raw material procurement, acceptance, production and processing, ex factory inspection, warehousing and so on, improved the whole process epidemic prevention management and product traceability management, effectively guaranteed the quality and safety of exported honey peach, and helped”Qin’an honey peach” continue to expand the export market, Drive the high-quality development of local export-oriented economy. (Liu Xuwei/Wen)