The corn herbicide compounded with nifenone, sulfopyrazole and dichloropyridinic acid was registered in the United States
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   世界农化网中文网报道: 美国Valent的玉米除草剂Maverickalready获得美国环保署登记批准,该产品为玉米种植者提供提供三种有效的作用模式,可对问题杂草进行长效、广谱控制,包括苋菜藤子、长芒苋、杉叶藻和一年生禾本科杂草。

Maverick has the characteristics of flexible application, low utilization rate for on-site processing and mixing, and excellent compatibility with atrazine.
Maverick contains 7.45%dichloropyridinic acid (Group 4), 9.91%nitrosulfuron (Group 27) and 7.45%sulfopyrazole (Group 15). The dosage form is SC, which combines three different action modes, making maverick an excellent choice for herbicide resistance management plan.
Maverick will go public later this year and is currently awaiting state registration approval.