The College of life sciences of Linyi University was approved to build”Shandong Engineering Research Center for the intensive processing technology of agricultural products with southern Shandong characteristics”
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Recently, the Shandong development and Reform Commission issued the notice on publishing the list of Shandong Engineering research centers identified in 2021, and the”Shandong Engineering Research Center for deep processing technology of agricultural products with southern Shandong characteristics” led by the school of life sciences of Linyi University was approved for construction.
Shandong Engineering Research Center for the deep processing technology of special agricultural products in southern Shandong Province is the first provincial scientific research platform approved by our Institute on the basis of municipal platforms such as Linyi health food engineering technology research center, Linyi Key Laboratory for the deep processing, storage and preservation of agricultural products, Linyi health food and quality control engineering laboratory, and Linyi agricultural products deep processing technology innovation center. Through the”1+3″ mode of school enterprise alliance, the center was jointly built by our college and three leading food processing enterprises, including Linyi Xincheng Jinluo Meat Products Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Jinsheng grain, oil and Food Co., Ltd. and Shandong executive chef food Co., Ltd. Professor Liu Yunguo, the leader of Food Science and engineering discipline of our college, served as the director of the center.
Based on the special food and agricultural products resources in southern Shandong, facing the major technical needs of the food processing industry in our province, the center connects the basic research of laboratories with the practice of industrialized production of enterprises, and mainly carries out (1) food nutrition and safety; (2) Production, processing, storage and preservation of fruit and vegetable products; (3) Grain and oil products production and deep processing; (4) Research and development in the production, processing and quality control of livestock and poultry products. The center will establish an expert committee and a professional management team, optimize the innovation incentive mechanism for scientific and technological talents, and build a good scientific research ecological environment conducive to generating innovation inspiration, stimulating innovation potential, and maintaining innovation vitality; Through common technological breakthroughs, we will solve major technical problems existing in agricultural production and deep processing, form a collaborative innovation and transformation chain, lead the sustainable and healthy development of the industry, promote high-level innovation, high-efficiency transformation and high-quality development of the food processing industry, and help Shandong Province, especially southern Shandong, transform old and new kinetic energy, Rural Revitalization and economic development.