The 21st issue of food safety supervision and sampling information of Guangzhou market supervision and administration in 2022
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Recently, Guangzhou municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau conducted supervision and sampling inspection on 14 categories of food [processed grain products, edible oil, oil and its products, meat products, beverages, frozen drinks, candy products, tea and related products, fruit products, fried food and nut products, starch and starch products, cakes, catering food (including tableware), edible agricultural products, and other foods] produced and operated in the city, with a total of 1936 batches. Among them, 1898 batches of qualified samples and 38 batches of unqualified samples were sampled. According to the national food safety standards, if individual items are unqualified, their products are judged as unqualified products. The details are as follows:
 I. General Situation
1. 232 batches of grain processed products, no unqualified samples were detected.
2. There are 83 batches of edible oil, grease and their products, and no unqualified samples are detected.
3. 135 batches of meat products, no unqualified samples were detected.
4. 277 batches of beverages, 8 unqualified batches.
5. 74 batches of frozen drinks, 3 unqualified batches.
6. 29 batches of confectionery products, 4 unqualified batches.
7. No unqualified samples were detected in 48 batches of tea and related products.
8. 29 batches of fruit products, 2 unqualified batches.
9. 39 batches of fried food and nut products, 1 batch unqualified.
10. There were 21 batches of starch and starch products, and no unqualified samples were detected.
11. 102 batches of cakes, no unqualified samples were detected.
12. 60 batches of catering food (including tableware) and 2 unqualified batches.
13. 738 batches of edible agricultural products, 18 unqualified batches.
14. There were 69 batches of other foods, and no unqualified samples were detected.
 II. Disposal of nonconforming products
Guangzhou municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau has asked the relevant district market supervision departments to investigate and deal with unqualified food and its producers and operators in a timely manner, and ordered enterprises to find out the flow of products, recall unqualified products, and analyze the reasons for rectification; Business units are required to immediately take measures such as taking unqualified food off the shelves to control risks and investigate and deal with them according to law.
  3、 Tips for food safety consumption
Consumers should buy the food they need through formal and reliable channels and keep the corresponding shopping vouchers. They should see clearly the relevant marks on the outer packaging, such as production date, shelf life, producer name and address, ingredient or ingredient list, food production license number and other marks, and whether they are complete and in line with the provisions of laws and regulations. Do not buy products without manufacturer name, address, production date and shelf life, do not buy products that exceed the shelf life or deteriorate, and do not buy announced unqualified products. Consumers are welcome to actively participate in food safety supervision and pay attention to the announcement of food safety sampling inspection information. If you find unqualified food involved in this announcement in the market, please call the local complaint hotline 12315 or 12345 in time.