Thai government promotes palm oil export
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In 2022, promote the palm oil export and reduce the excess production project to support the export management cost of 150000 tons of palm oil. The export period is within September this year. The participants in the project must be legal entities, including producers, merchants, warehouse operators or exporters of palm oil or products. The management cost of 2 baht per kilogram is subsidized, such as transportation cost, storage fee, quality improvement fee, document fee and other handling fees.
The export period is from the approval of the cabinet to September 2022. When the domestic palm oil inventory exceeds 300000 tons and the palm oil price is higher than the global market price, the exporter’s management fee of 300million baht can be used, and other government expenditure of 9million baht.
Tanagung said that the above project is a mechanism to stabilize the domestic palm oil and palm oil market. During the period when a large number of achievements are put on the market, and the domestic energy demand for palm oil has decreased, the reason is from the measures to reduce the proportion of biodiesel used in diesel. In addition, the domestic crude palm oil depot has 300000 tons, equivalent to 1.5 times the domestic monthly demand, which is considered to be a safe inventory level. It is believed that the project will not cause domestic shortage, but can prevent and alleviate the problem of oversupply of palm oil and oil palm.