Tea Import and Export Report – consumption affects the market! Chinese tea market from the perspective of Chinese black tea import and export
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On June 1, the tea industry branch of the China Association for the promotion of international agricultural cooperation and the”the Belt and Road” International Tea Trade Industry Innovation Institute officially released the 2021 China Tea Import and export trade analysis report. We will share and interpret the report for you from different angles to help people in the tea industry better understand the report and understand the domestic tea import and export situation in 2021!
The report aims to comprehensively analyze and summarize the situation of China’s Tea Import and export, understand the problems and shortcomings of China’s Tea Import and export, help each tea producing area and relevant export enterprises master import and export data, and carry out targeted market development and product research and development.
In 2021, black tea and some other fermented tea (hereinafter referred to as”black tea”) were the second largest exported tea in China, with an export volume of 415million US dollars, which continued to rise compared with previous years; The export volume was 30000 tons, accounting for a small decline in all tea categories compared with previous years.
The export differentiation trend of black tea is obvious
In 2021, the export volume of black tea ushered in”off-season” growth, and the spring and winter ushered in a higher export volume growth trend.
From the perspective of black tea exports, the export volume of black tea with a net weight of more than 3kg per inner package ushered in a 67%increase, while the negative growth of black tea with a net weight of less than or equal to 3kg per inner package reached -41%, which was diametrically opposite to the growth trend of the previous two years.
Is black tea also following the old path of exporting green tea raw materials?
On the whole, the average export price of black tea reached a new high, rising to $14 per kilogram in 2021, an increase of 17.2%, much higher than the average trade price of black tea in the international market.
However, in the export category, the net weight of each inner package with a higher average price ≤ 3kg black tea has fallen significantly in 21 years, and the net weight of each inner package with a lower average price > 3kg black tea is growing rapidly, with an average price of $12.84 per kilogram, lower than the overall average price of black tea.
Black tea is mainly exported to provinces and cities:”dark horses” are emerging together, and the growth trend is”rapid”
In 2021, tea was exported to”dark horse” Guizhou Province, with an export volume of 110million US dollars, accounting for 27%of the total export volume of black tea in China, ranking first in all provinces, with an export volume of 2427 tons, an increase of 60%and 38%respectively over the previous year, and the average export price reached 45 US dollars per kilogram, ranking first among the major black tea export provinces!
Not only Guizhou Province, the export of black tea from many provinces also ushered in”explosive” growth in 2021. The export volume/volume of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Jiangxi Province, Hubei Province and other provinces increased significantly.
It is worth mentioning that under the situation of”disruption” in many provinces, Hunan Province ranks first in terms of 4051 tons of black tea exports, but its export volume ranks seventh, which is closely related to its average price of US $3.78 per kilogram.

50%black tea exported to Hong Kong, China?
In 2021, the export of black tea to Hong Kong, China reached US $220million, accounting for 54%of the total export of black tea, and the export volume reached 7377 tons, accounting for 25%, both ranking first.
Consistent with the growth of black tea exports in domestic provinces, the main export destination countries and regions of Chinese black tea also saw growth in 2021, with significant growth in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia and the United States.
China is importing large quantities of black tea
In tea import trade, black tea imports continued to grow in 2021, reaching US $140million, accounting for 75%of the total import of all tea, ranking first. The import volume was 38900 tons, an increase of 9.8%over the previous year.
In recent years, the black tea trade between China and other countries in the world has maintained a high growth rate, which has a great relationship with the tea consumption habits at home and abroad. The overseas tea consumption tends to be black tea, and the proportion of black tea in the world tea trade is as high as 80%.