Tanzanian government formulates strategies to increase wheat production
By: Date: 2022-07-14 Categories: Uncategorized
Tanzanian mainstream media”citizen” reported on July 10 that in 2021/22, Tanzanian wheat production was 70300 tons, while the country’s demand was 1million tons. Tanzania mainly relies on wheat imports from Russia and Ukraine to meet domestic demand. The continuous war between Russia and Ukraine disrupted the wheat supply in the international market, resulting in a sharp rise in wheat prices. In order to get rid of import dependence, the Tanzanian government is formulating a strategy to increase the wheat output to 1million tons by 2025. The main measures include:first, raising farmers’ awareness of improved seeds and mobilizing the country to use improved seeds approved by the Tanzanian Institute of agriculture (Tari). Tanzania has ordered 210 tons of seeds from Zambia and plans to distribute them to farmers. Second, expand the area of wheat planting, and plan to increase the land for wheat planting from 100000 hectares to 400000 hectares. Third, increase R & D funds, and plan to invest US $66million in seed R & D.