Tangshan Market Supervision Bureau strengthened the risk investigation of pure milk production enterprises in the city
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In order to prevent the quality and safety risks of dairy products, since mid July, Tangshan Market Supervision Bureau has completed the risk screening of all four pure milk production enterprises under its jurisdiction in the way of”enterprise self inspection + supervision and inspection + sampling inspection and monitoring”.
In the stage of enterprise self-examination, four pure milk production enterprises under their jurisdiction were organized to complete the whole process of self-examination and submit self-examination reports according to the key points of investigation. During the self-examination, no risks of propylene glycol and other essence, stabilizers, anti caking agents, emulsifiers, thickeners and other food additives brought into and used beyond the scope in the production of pure milk were found. Four enterprises sent 15 pure milk products to a third party for inspection, but propylene glycol was not detected.
In the stage of supervision and inspection, in combination with the ongoing special action of”keeping the bottom line, checking hidden dangers and ensuring safety” of food safety, comprehensive supervision and inspection were carried out on four pure milk production enterprises in the city. First, the warehouse storage was checked on site, and no food additives used beyond the scope were found; Second, check the implementation of systems such as raw material purchase inspection, production feeding record and production process control. After inspection, four enterprises have carried out purchase inspection according to regulations, and the whole production process is controllable. No food additives such as propylene glycol have been found in pure milk; Third, check the sampling inspection records of ex factory products. After inspection, four enterprises all passed the inspection according to the regulations before leaving the factory.
In the next step, Tangshan Market Supervision Bureau will further strengthen the inspection, increase the sampling frequency, list propylene glycol as the risk point of dairy enterprises, as the focus of enterprise self-examination and law enforcement inspection by the supervision department, urge enterprises to implement risk monitoring and control measures, and comprehensively eliminate potential risks.
Source:food production safety supervision and Administration Division