“Talking about food” — tips for safe consumption of food in summer
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In hot summer, microorganisms multiply rapidly, and food is easy to deteriorate. Improper processing or storage of cooked food products, cold dishes and other foods may cause indigestion and decreased gastrointestinal resistance. How to store and eat food reasonably and make summer diet safer? This issue of”eat and talk” provides you with a few tips.
I. precautions for food storage

1. Store food at a safe temperature
Safe temperature refers to the temperature that is not suitable for microbial growth and reproduction. Under the conditions of below 5 ℃ and above 60 ℃, the vast majority of microorganisms can slow down the speed of growth and reproduction, or stop growing.
(1) precautions for room temperature storage
At room temperature, cooked food shall not be stored for more than 2 hours; Cooked food and perishable food should be stored in cold storage (below 5 ℃); The cooked food should be kept above 60 ℃ before eating. The longer it is stored at room temperature, the greater the risk of microbial growth and reproduction. From a safety point of view, food should be eaten immediately after it comes out of the pot.
(2) precautions for refrigerator storage
If warm food is directly put into the refrigerator freezer, the refrigerator will be overloaded, and the temperature in the food center cannot drop rapidly. Pathogenic bacteria may take the opportunity to multiply to a sufficient number to cause poisoning. Therefore, wait until the food is cooled to room temperature and then put it into the refrigerator for storage.
 2. The way of eating should be appropriate
(1) do not freeze and thaw raw meat repeatedly
Livestock meat, poultry meat, seafood, etc. should be divided into small pieces and packed separately before being put into the frozen layer. Take small bags of food before each processing to avoid repeated freezing and thawing, which will accelerate the deterioration, or cause the destruction and loss of nutrients.
(2) thoroughly heat the food again
Cooked food should be reheated after being placed at room temperature; Raw and cold cooked foods taken out of the refrigerator, especially leftovers, cannot be eaten directly. They must be thoroughly heated, steamed, boiled and thoroughly heated. Heat leftovers repeatedly, preferably not more than once.
(3) be cautious about overnight watermelon
The complete watermelon will not have the risk of bacterial pollution, and the hygiene and storage conditions of the pre cut melon, knife and chopping board are not guaranteed. After overnight, the risk of bacterial pollution is much greater. Therefore, the unfinished watermelon should not be put for a long time. The cut watermelon is generally placed for up to 4 hours at room temperature, and it is safe to refrigerate in time; In addition, it is best to cover the watermelon with clean fresh-keeping film, or dig out the remaining watermelon and put it into a sealed fresh-keeping box. It is recommended that the storage time in the refrigerator should not exceed 24 hours.
  2、 Choose a reasonable way to eat

1. Homemade lunch
(1) choice of staple food
For”people with rice”, rice is a good choice, while steamed bread and big cakes are relatively inappropriate. Because from the perspective of microwave heating, rice can basically maintain its original state after heating, while steamed bread and big cakes are easy to dry.
(2) green leafy vegetables are not a good choice
Try to choose dishes suitable for repeated heating. Compared with green vegetables, eggplant and fruit vegetables are not easy to deteriorate, and it is not easy to change the color and aroma of dishes after repeated heating. Classic dishes such as scrambled eggs with tomatoes and braised potatoes are more suitable for”people with rice”.
(3) the food should be served separately
Bring your own Bento. It’s best to separate the meals. It’s most suitable to pack it in twoorthree lunch boxes, and try not to bring cold dishes. Because cold dishes are kept at room temperature for a long time, they are easy to breed bacteria or increase the safety hazards of nitrite. If you must bring it, you can consider adding more vinegar and garlic to inhibit bacteria.
2. Take out shopping
(1) select a licensed seller and pay attention to the seller’s food business license and other relevant documents.
(2) for short-distance ordering, try to choose a catering unit with a short distance to order and shorten the ordering time.
(3) if the seller with”safety lock” is selected, the catering unit with takeout seal can be preferred.
(4) try not to buy foods that are not cooked and sterilized at high temperature and are easy to deteriorate, such as cold dishes, raw food varieties, cold processed cakes and other high-risk foods.