“Sweet trip” — Shijiazhuang customs helps Hebei export the first batch of ice cream powder
By: Date: 2022-07-17 Categories: Uncategorized

According to Zhang Yanyu, Hebei guhao Trading Co., Ltd. is engaged in the sales of domestic ice cream powder all the year round. Because the sales of ice cream powder are greatly affected by the season, it enters the off-season after September every year. In order to broaden the development path, enterprises hope to fill the sales vacancy in the off-season by opening up overseas markets.
After knowing the export intention of the enterprise, Shijiazhuang customs gave guidance from many aspects, such as the requirements of the national food safety standards for the export destination, the filing of export food production enterprises, and the preparation of export declaration materials. At the same time, measures such as reducing the filing time limit for export food production enterprises, opening a green channel, and implementing the”5 + 2″ appointment inspection will further improve the timeliness of customs clearance and help enterprises develop the international market.