Suzhou Yongqiao District Market Supervision Bureau deepened the”inspection and protection” and strengthened the supervision of small restaurants
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In order to further standardize the business behavior of small restaurants in Yongqiao District of Suzhou, carry out the special action of”keeping the bottom line, investigating hidden dangers and ensuring safety” in food safety, and comprehensively improve the supervision level of small restaurants, recently, the market supervision bureau of Yongqiao District of Suzhou launched a centralized rectification action for small restaurants.
During the operation, law enforcement personnel mainly check whether the business entity has obtained the small catering record card, whether the operation room is set up in a standardized manner, whether the basic facilities for cleaning, disinfection, refrigeration and”Three Prevention” are complete, and whether the employees hold valid health certificates. Timely issue the rectification order for the problems found in the inspection, and supervise the implementation of the rectification. At the same time, all small catering operators are required to strictly comply with the epidemic prevention and control requirements, strictly implement the requirements of”three specialties, five certificates and five noes” for imported cold chain food, establish a registration account and implement the main responsibility.
So far, 790 small catering stores have been inspected and 65 rectification orders have been issued. In the next step, Yongqiao District Market Supervision Bureau will continue to strengthen the rectification of large and small restaurants and continuously improve the overall quality level of small restaurants under its jurisdiction.