Summary of the reply to recommendation No. 4143 of the fifth session of the 13th National People’s Congress
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Luoliangjuan representative:
We have received your proposal to stabilize pig production capacity, reduce cyclical fluctuations and guide the steady upgrading of the pig industry. In consultation with the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of finance, the people’s Bank of China, the General Administration of customs, the State Administration of market supervision, and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, our replies are as follows:
I. about improving pork processing technology
In recent years, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, together with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of industry and information technology, has increased support to encourage and guide pork product processing enterprises to improve their technical level, enrich product types, and expand pork consumption scenarios. First, continue to implement the special action of”three products” (variety, quality and brand). Encourage and guide food production enterprises, including pork products manufacturers, to actively enrich the variety and meet the diversified consumption needs of the people. Promote the integration and innovation of pork products and the new generation of information technology, accelerate the application and promotion of intelligent manufacturing mode, and constantly improve product quality. Enhance the brand awareness of pork products manufacturers, support enterprises to increase publicity and promote the international development of brands. Second, support the construction of pig industry clusters. Since 2018, a total of more than 1.2 billion yuan of central financial funds have been allocated to comprehensively build 6 advantageous and characteristic industrial clusters with pigs as the leading industry and 40 strong agricultural towns. Through project driven, optimize the allocation of resource elements, promote enterprises to upgrade technology and equipment, and promote the development of pork intensive processing. Third, promote the integrated research of pork processing technology. Build an integrated scientific research base for fresh pork processing technology, focus on the research and development of pork processing technology and equipment, increase research and development investment and technical research, and provide technical support for the intensive processing of pork products.
Next, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas will continue to implement the special action of”three products” in conjunction with relevant departments, increase support for the construction of pig industry clusters and strong agricultural towns, strengthen the exploration and promotion of typical modes and enterprises of deep processing of agricultural products, and further promote the improvement of pork deep processing level.
II. On strengthening the supervision and management of pork quality and safety
The State Administration of market supervision attaches great importance to and continuously strengthens the supervision of the quality and safety of livestock and poultry meat, including pork, and urges the production and operation entities in all links to implement the responsibility and obligation of food safety in accordance with the law. First, strengthen the quality supervision of pig products. Pig products will continue to be listed as food safety sampling monitoring varieties. In 2021, the”sale of animal products with excessive drug residues and meat without quarantine and detection of Clenbuterol” was also taken as the focus of the”iron fist action” case investigation, and typical cases were published to realize the deterrent effect of warning in the investigation and handling of a case. The second is to carry out in-depth actions to improve the quality and safety of meat products. Large and medium-sized meat products enterprises are encouraged to organize production according to good production practices and improve the level of food quality and safety management. 2131 enterprises have adopted HACCP, ISO22000 and other advanced food safety management systems. At the same time, we will increase support and technical services for small and medium-sized meat production enterprises and small processing workshops to help with transformation and upgrading.
Next, the State Administration of market supervision will continue to strengthen the quality and safety supervision of pigs and other livestock and poultry products to effectively ensure product quality and safety. Further strengthen the inspection of food cases, actively cooperate with relevant departments to carry out special rectification actions, and severely crack down on violations of laws and regulations.
III. about strengthening the support of credit and insurance policies
The Ministry of agriculture and rural areas actively coordinates with the Ministry of finance, the people’s Bank of China and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission to continue to guide the banking and insurance industry to increase financial support for pig breeding enterprises and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the pig industry. First, strengthen policy guidance. The notice on supporting stable pig production and ensuring market supply, the notice on further strengthening support to promote stable pig production and supply, and other documents were issued to clarify a series of financial support measures. Further provide window guidance to relevant financial institutions, and require them to do a good job in the credit support of the national pig production capacity regulation base. They are not allowed to limit, withdraw or cut off loans to pig farmers and slaughtering and processing enterprises at will. Second, optimize financial products and services. Carry out mortgage of land management rights, breeding pens, large-scale breeding machinery and live pigs. We will guide state-owned banks and agricultural financial institutions to play a leading and exemplary role in financial support, increase medium – and long-term loans, and continue to provide financial support to pig farms (households) that meet the credit conditions. Third, strengthen the pig insurance policy. Increase the insured amount of live pig insurance, and increase the purchase price and feed cost. In 2021, the central government allocated 9.5 billion yuan of premium subsidies for pig agricultural insurance, an increase of about 17%over the previous year.
Next, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas will continue to stabilize financial support policies with relevant departments, guide financial institutions to implement various policies of financial support for the development of pig breeding industry, continuously improve the level of insurance coverage, and promote the stable and healthy development of pig industry.
IV. on improving the pig futures trading mechanism and guiding rating agencies to evaluate breeding enterprises reasonably and objectively
The Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, together with relevant departments, will promote the improvement of the pig futures trading mechanism, give full play to the role of the futures market in price discovery and risk management, guide rating agencies to constantly optimize the rating methods of breeding enterprises, and help the development of the pig industry. First, start and run pig futures. Since the listing of pig futures in January 2021, the stable operation of pig futures market has been promoted from the aspects of strengthening market supervision and market training. At present, the overall operation of pig futures is stable, and the contract delivery is smooth and orderly. Second, improve the basic rating system. Rating agencies are required to formulate scientific rating methods and perfect quality control system, continue to strengthen the construction of rating method system, and optimize the rating ecosystem.
Next, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas will continue to improve the pig futures system in conjunction with relevant departments, make better use of the futures market, and maintain the stability of pig production capacity and the healthy development of the industry. Further require rating agencies to optimize rating methods, enhance the foresight of rating results, and better serve the development of pig production.
V. establishment and improvement of pork quality and safety traceability system
In 2021, the State Administration of Market Supervision issued the guiding opinions on carrying out meat quality and quantity safety improvement actions, focusing on pork, and urged relevant enterprises to establish and improve the food safety traceability system. First, strictly control the quality and safety of raw and auxiliary materials. Urge meat production enterprises to formulate and implement the raw and auxiliary material control system, and implement the system of asking for certificates, tickets and incoming inspection. Focus on the key links of meat production, adopt information means, and establish and improve the food safety traceability system. Second, improve the level of risk prevention and control in the industrial chain. Support breeding and processing enterprises to carry out the operation of the whole industrial chain, and encourage enterprises to adopt”factory (field) supervision”, supplier audit, contract agreement and other methods to supervise each other, so as to consolidate the responsibilities of market players in all links of the industrial chain. Third, the school canteen is required to establish a food safety traceability system. Implement the system of public bidding and centralized fixed-point procurement of bulk food, and disclose the information of food raw material procurement and processing and production. Encourage the use of information-based means to collect and retain pork and other food business information to ensure the traceability of food quality and safety.
In the next step, the State Administration of market supervision will continue to carry out in-depth actions to improve the quality and safety of pork products, establish and improve the meat food safety traceability system, guide the market to increase the consumption of certified traceability meat, and promote the high-quality development of the meat industry.
Thank you for your concern about the work of our department and hope to continue to support the work of agriculture, rural areas and farmers.
Ministry of agriculture and rural areas
July 25th, 2022