Summary of the reply to recommendation No. 3980 of the fifth session of the 13th National People’s Congress
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I. about establishing a national R & D team
The Ministry attaches great importance to the construction of national agricultural machinery and equipment R & D team in the corn industry. First, continuously strengthen the agricultural machinery R & D force of the national corn industry technology system, set up a special mechanization research room, and hired four post scientists in spring sowing area, summer sowing area, southwest mountain area, and intellectualization. The second is to establish an expert group on the whole process mechanization of crop production, a corn professional group, to provide technical guidance for the demonstration and promotion of machinery and equipment in different regions, and promote the targeted improvement of the performance of machinery and equipment. The third is to support the advantageous R & D team to build a national R & D innovation platform. The central government has successively supported the construction of three full mechanized scientific research bases of northern spring corn, Huang Huai Hai corn and seed corn, as well as ministerial key laboratories such as dryland agricultural equipment, efficient sowing and harvesting equipment, and conservation tillage. In the next step, our department will continue to strengthen the construction of agricultural machinery R & D team in the field of corn.
II. About supporting the research and development of corn agricultural machinery and its popularization and Application
In recent years, the Ministry, together with the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of science and technology and other relevant departments, has continued to strengthen the research and development, promotion and application of agricultural machinery and equipment in the field of corn. First, sort out the short board in time. Systematically sort out the shortcomings of corn production in terms of whole machine equipment, key parts, key core technologies, etc. by regions and links. Second, increase investment in research and development. Concentrate on the research and development of mechanized technology and equipment for the whole process of corn cultivation, management and harvest. Precision seeders with more than 8 rows, corn grain harvesters, 400 horsepower green feed harvesters and others have successively broken foreign monopolies and achieved industrialized applications. Third, strengthen demonstration and promotion. Guide the northeast, Huang Huaihai and other major corn producing areas to carry out demonstration and promotion activities such as on-site demonstration of agricultural machinery and equipment, field display, and field day, and promote the demonstration and application of new machines and equipment. Fourth, strengthen policy support. Give full play to the guiding role of the subsidy policy for the purchase and application of agricultural machinery, and include the machines and tools in all links of corn production, cultivation, management and collection into the scope of subsidies. In the next step, our department will work with relevant departments to continue to do a good job in the development and promotion of agricultural machinery and equipment required for corn production.
III. about paying attention to the use safety of agricultural machinery
The Ministry attaches great importance to the safety production of agricultural machinery, defines responsibilities and refines measures, and constantly reduces the potential risks of agricultural machinery safety. Together with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce, we will implement the subsidy policy for the scrapping and renewal of agricultural machinery, implement the registration management of tractors and combine harvesters, carry out in-depth the activities of”safe agricultural machinery” creation and”safe production month” of agricultural machinery, and timely revise and improve the regulations and standards of safe production of agricultural machinery. In the next step, our department will work with relevant departments to continue to increase license management and safety education, promote the fine”grid” management of rural agricultural machinery safety production according to local conditions, speed up the elimination and upgrading of old agricultural machinery, and constantly promote the stable and good situation of agricultural machinery safety production.
Ministry of agriculture and rural areas
July 15, 2022