Summary of the reply to recommendation 6035 of the fifth session of the 13th National People’s Congress
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I. support Xinjiang to speed up the construction of crop seed production base
Xinjiang is an important maize and cotton seed production base in China. Since the 13th five year plan, our ministry has successively identified Changji City, Manas County, Qitai County, Hutubi County, the fourth division, the Fifth Division, the Sixth Division, the ninth division and the tenth division of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps as National Hybrid Corn Seed Production Counties, Awati County, the first division and the seventh division of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps as regional improved seed breeding bases for cotton, and Qitai County and Shanshan County as regional improved seed breeding bases for wheat and Western melon respectively. Through the incentive policies of seed production counties, the central government has allocated more than 600million yuan in total to support the development of Xinjiang’s seed industry, comprehensively improve the base facilities, consolidate the foundation of industrial development, drive the accumulation of industrial factors, and improve the modernization level of the seed industry chain supply chain. In the next step, the Ministry will further increase its support for the development of Xinjiang’s seed industry in accordance with the central plan for the revitalization of the seed industry, focusing on the joint construction of leading enterprises and advantageous bases to promote the construction of bases. This year, Gongliu County, Baicheng County, Korla City and the eighth division of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps have been newly identified as major seed production counties at the national level, and 150 million yuan of central financial funds have been allocated for support.
II. About supporting the implementation of a number of modern seed industry upgrading projects in Xinjiang
In 2021, the Ministry and the national development and Reform Commission jointly issued the”14th five year plan” for the construction of modern seed industry improvement projects, which plans to deploy 12 crop seed industry projects in Xinjiang, including a number of cotton breeding innovation projects and cotton, melon seed breeding bases, fruit, vegetable and tea breeding and promotion integrated demonstration bases, Central Asian characteristic crops medium-term bank, closely related wild plant resource garden, wild apple resource garden Crop variety testing and evaluation station and other projects. At present, Xinjiang production and Construction Corps’ eighth division cotton seed production and breeding capacity improvement project, Xinjiang Academy of agricultural reclamation Sciences’ crop variety testing and evaluation station construction project, Xinjiang cotton improved seed breeding capacity improvement project, Wensu county national cotton breeding innovation base construction project and other projects have been launched, with a central financial investment of 48.4 million yuan.
In the next step, our ministry will work with the Ministry of science and technology to strengthen the support and guidance for Xinjiang, promote the standardized management of projects under construction and the planning and application of follow-up projects, consolidate the infrastructure for the development of Xinjiang’s seed industry, and promote the high-quality development of Xinjiang’s seed industry.
Thank you for your concern about the work of our department and hope to continue to support the work of agriculture, rural areas and farmers.
Ministry of agriculture and rural areas

July 18, 2022